What sort of life do you want? Have you planned it/ How do you want to spend your days? Did your Careers Adviser tell you to get a “good job”? Really? What does that mean for you?

It’s not that having a job is necessarily a bad thing (especially if it’s a telecommuting job), but…

Having a “good job” will kill you

What’s the absolute worst part about having a job?

Is it sitting in traffic on the interstate, or sweating on the subway, for half an hour, or an hour, twice a day, every single day?

Is it being trapped in a cubicle, stuck behind a counter or tied to a machine for eight hours a day, every day for years and years? (or until you get laid off)

Is it having to keep to the company’s hours and stay at the office until 5pm on a sunny afternoon, pretending you’re still busy, even though you finished your work by three?

What? You’ve not had these experiences yet? Oh, but you will, you surely will my friend.

If you go for the traditional “good job” then you have all this to look forward to and enjoy for the next forty years. Sound good?

Did you like school? How did you feel being bored behind your desk for 6 hours a day? Well get a job and you can make that 8 hours a day!

Question: Is that any way to live a life?


In case you wondered.

That’s not LIVING. That’s a looooooong sloooooowww DEATH.

Do you want to LIVE your life?

If you want to LIVE life, not just following the same old, boring routine every day, you need two things; Time and Money – plenty of both.

What do you want to do? Do you like to surf, or hike, or play guitar, or…. Doesn’t matter what it is, the result’s the same.

Having a job MAY give you enough money, but how much time will it give you to enjoy the things you actually want to do? Not much.

The obvious answer is to work for yourself. Start freelancing, build an online business, create assets that pay you even when you’re not working. You can read all about that stuff on The Big Picture Academy blog.

But maybe you’re not ready for that. Maybe you just like the idea of having a job – fair enough, some people do.

So here’s an idea.

Telecommuting for fun and profit

Telecommuting, or remote working, is a big thing, and growing. Loads of companies are catching on to the idea that this is actually a great idea.

Traditionally a job requires that you attend the place of business and occupy a space in the office, shop or factory for the full eight hours, or whatever they work.

More enlightened employers are realizing that, in many jobs, just being there, is not what matters. So what does matter?


If you can do the work in four hours, what’s the point in staying at the office for eight?

If you can do the work with a computer or telephone, why do you need to be in the office at all? In many cases you don’t, it makes no sense.

Here’s the deal. If you want a job, but you still want some sort of freedom in your life….

Get a telecommuting job

If it’s not obvious already, here’s why:

  • No commuting – save an hour, or two, every day
  • No sitting in a tiny cubicle – work where you want
  • No need for shirts and ties – work in your PJs if you want
  • Work in your own environment – peace, or music, or…?
  • Take breaks whenever you want – nobody watching you
  • Work hours that suit you – you’re free once the work’s done
  • Work on your own projects – no one will know

And that last one’s where it gets really interesting.

You might not be ready to go full time in your own business, but you should definitely start one. EVERYONE should have a side-hustle.

Is it possible to work on your own business while you’re in a traditional job? Yes, of course, but it’s not always easy.

You can work on your side projects while you’re being paid to do nothing at the office. But what happens if you get caught? Most bosses will not be impressed!

Work from home, or the coffee shop, and you can do whatever you like, kind of.

Telecommuting will save your life

So here’s the plan:

Assuming you want to live a life that’s rich, free and full of things that are meaningful to you that is.

Find a job that allows remote working. Ideally one that allows you to work from anywhere (some may insist that you work from your home office).

And better still, find a telecommuting company that cares more about the quality of your work than the hours you put in – they do exist!

Do the work. Be excellent, but also learn to be quick. Don’t allow it to take the whole day just because it would if you were in an office.

Use the extra time to do two things:

  1. Do stuff you love to do – live and enjoy life
  2. Start your own online business

Build your business quietly, in your own time – fast if you prefer.

Once you’re earning more from your side-hustle than you are from the telecommuting job you have options. Having options is always a good thing to go for.

Keep the job and build up some healthy savings, or…

Quit the job and start LIVING.

With your own online business you have, perhaps, the ultimate freedom. Plenty of time, plenty of money, and the freedom to live and work from anywhere in the world.

So…. what sort of life do you want?


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