Are you tired of being trapped in the rat race of life? The corporate ladder is becoming less appealing to many. The idea of slaving away at a 9-5, and being restricted to one location in life. But thankfully, we are in the right era, where we can escape the rat race of life, and launch our own online freelance business.

Whether you are a programmer, a sales and funnel expert, or even a content writer – you can sell your services online. The biggest problem for many is not knowing where to start. After all, unlike a job – you are now the entire pyramid in the business. Which can be stressful.

Take a breath.

Trust us when we say leaving the rat race of life and starting up a freelance business is the best thing you could have done for your sanity!

The First Step – Adopting The Mindset


freelance business

The hardest part about starting your own freelancing gig is building trust in your services. No one will be paying premium fees for a service that has not been tried, and tested. The good news is through this article we are going to walk you through the steps of landing your first client on popular freelance platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.

Take Away All Misconceptions About Running A Freelance Business

Freelancing is rapidly growing in popularity. The allure of working flexible hours, being able to take days off on a whims notice. Oh, and of course, choosing how much you earn – what could be better. Unfortunately, this allure is not exactly accurate.

What these websites fail to mention is the straight down hustle that is needed to get into the game, and stay relevant. What it takes to deal with the competitive clients and the people that don’t want to pay.

That is why before you even think of landing your first client, you need to adopt a hustle-ready mindset.

What Can You Offer Differently To Competition?

If you are a designer, what can you do to illustrate your strengths to your potential customers? As a writer, what do you do that other writer’s don’t? The hardest part of landing your first client is working without a proven track-record behind your name.

Once you have decided on what key strengths you will use when approaching new gigs, you are ready to get started on the creation of your freelancing accounts.

Creating Your Freelance Base – The Platform Profile


freelance business

Whether you decide to go through Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer – you will need to set up a public profile. This will be your opportunity to shine. To show potential customers exactly what they gain through hiring your services. What makes your freelance business different to the thousands of others in the market? 

Each of the platforms has different application requirements. We should note that of the three, Upwork has become rather strict on its applications as there is an influx of freelancers on this platform.

Take The Time To Research What Clients What To Hear

On your public profile, you may be tempted to talk about all the achievements that you have accomplished over the years. You may wish to brag and talk the big game. But at the end of the day, you have to realize that customers really don’t care about you.

Not to be harsh, but The Big Picture Academy is here to help you, not fill you with hopeless facades.

What clients do care about is their problems. More specifically, how exactly you can solve a problem that they are having. So, if you are a developer – talk about the advantages of choosing you for their website development, website development search engine optimization, and a few other nifty tools of the trade.

Take The Time To Do A Video On Your Profile

In the digital era, most potential leads don’t want to have to sit and read paragraphs about what they gain to benefit from your services. Both Fiverr, and Upwork offer freelancers the ability to create a short intro video.

As the founder of Big Picture Academy, I strongly recommend that you take advantage of these video features. More customers will be curious as to what is the video contains, which will greatly improve your conversion rates.

The Art Of Landing Your First-Client

Landing the first client of your career will be soul-sucking. It takes a lot of grit and countless applications. Mainly because you don’t have all those beneficial reviews, and testimonials to instill trust in potential customers.

Trust me, way back before I even conceptualized The Big Picture Academy, I knew the pain first hand. Christopher Vitalis worked hard to build success. But I am here today, and I promise that with work-ethic, you can bring your own vision of success to life.

Understand The Client’s Pain

When applying for gigs on Freelancer, or Upwork – the client has a brief proposal of what he/she wants. What pains they are having. It is important to thoroughly read through this. If they have links, check the links out – show them that you are ready to help them solve their problems.

Ensure that your proposal is fluent, and addresses the issue at hand, leave the tangents out. Even if you have 20-years of experience, it means nothing without a reliable track-record for clients to look at.

Need Some Help Starting Your Own Freelance Business?

freelance business

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