I was depressed, I was alone, and I was going through the abrasive withdrawals of cutting caffeine and tobacco out of my life. It had been a shitty month. A really shitty month.

Then, my fiance broke up with me over Facebook.

My shitty month suddenly hit the fan in a way I’d never imagined possible. I felt like I was nothing, I felt like I was no one.

Requisite to success

The funny thing about hitting your lowest low is, that it’s a critical part of reaching your highest high.

Too many people plod along amidst the fog of mediocrity. Life’s not so bad you have to change it, but it’s not so good you’d like to keep it. I’ll take rock bottom over that life any day.

For me, my lowest low is the reason I am now living the life I’ve always wanted. It literally saved my life.

Here are three things that I learned from the worst month of my life.

You need to set goals that excite you

If you don’t have a purpose in life that gets you out of bed every morning, you might as well go back to sleep. If you don’t have something to drive for, you’ll never realize your potential.

I spent so much of my life living in the moment, without concern for what I would do next. There were things I wanted, but I never acted on them.

I had ‘shoulds’ and ‘want tos’ instead of ‘musts’ and ‘have tos’.

When I hit my lowest point, I was able to see what really mattered to me. It wasn’t my fiance, and it wasn’t my job. It was my happiness.

What I wanted more than anything was the feeling of wanting to get out of bed in the morning.

What made me want to were my goals.

You need to love yourself and take pride in your journey

If you aren’t proud of who you are, then what the hell are you doing? You have one life, you’d damn well better live it the way you want.

Whatever you always wanted to do, whoever you always wanted to be, you figure out how to do and be that.

So many people rely on other’s approval and love to feed their confidence. They are shells, riding on the waves of other people’s opinions. They are nothing without validation.

I was there. I know what that’s like. It’s an easy trap to fall into and we all do it.

When you hit rock bottom, all of that is stripped away and you are left to look upon who you truly are. Beneath all the ego, dependence, and contrived self confidence, you see what you really amount to.

When I saw what I had become, I wasn’t impressed. I was nothing more than a shell of who I had been. Day by day I lived in the lie that I still chased my dreams. None of it was true. I was lost.

When I finally saw that, I knew what I needed to do. I saw the way out. And now, after having climbed back out of hell, the level of pride and self respect I carry are beyond words.

I live with an unshakable confidence and an unstoppable resolve. Every morning I wake up driven, I live every day with purpose, and I fall asleep every night fulfilled. I smile while I dream and I turn my dreams into reality.

I am at my highest high and climbing every day. All because I hit my lowest low.

You need to be OK with failure and move through defeats

That’s really the root of inner strength. You never know how much shit you can take until you’re in a shitstorm. Surviving your greatest test makes you strong and resilient. You’ll never see success if you can’t persevere through hard times.

Furthermore, you’re never going to accomplish much if you allow the fear of failure to stop you.

A worthwhile goal isn’t easy and an easy goal isn’t worthwhile.

So if you’re at the bottom, get up.

If you’re going through hell, keep going.

Your life’s greatest challenges will result in your life’s greatest achievements.


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