Back in the day, brick and mortar locations were the name of the game when it came to small business marketing. Now, however, in the digital era – marketing has a rather intuitive approach. When you approach your target market, you need to talk to your audience through a platform that they enjoy using. Which is where SEO ranking, also known as search engine optimization comes in handy. 

Improving your SEO ranking will significantly improve your digital presence, and help you expand your business in the coming months.

In the famous words of Bob Marley, “If it’s easy – it is not worth it”.

Building your website is the simple part, driving traffic towards it – now that is where you face catch 22. The good news is over the years, I have discovered some insane tips to better the search engine optimization of websites. Befriending those spiders that crawl the web for Google is difficult – but these tips will help you with website optimization, and targeting your key-audience.

Why Should You Care About Using SEO Practices To Optimize Your Website

SEO ranking

Think about this for a second. Imagine you were looking for a service or information based on a particular topic. You head on over to Google and type in what you are looking for. How often do you click anything lower than the first four or so URL’s?

That is why SEO optimization for your website is so important. Through becoming buddies with the web crawlers, and getting a higher-ranking on certain pages of your website – you will automatically start generating more organic traffic. Which in turn means more visitors, and more conversions (sales).

But how exactly does one get their website SEO ranking higher on Google? Here are some tips that may help you.

Keyword Research Is Your Bread And Butter When It Comes To SEO Ranking

I am as sure of this, as I am that my name is Christopher Vitalis, and the sky is blue. SEO optimization needs keyword research. Keywords are the bread and butter for Search Engine Optimization. That is why the first step, is the most crucial – keyword research.

There are a number of tools, which you can use to find the optimal keywords for your business. Including the likes of Google AdWords.

Best Keyword Composition To Use:

  • Low-Medium Competition.
  • Align with factors that your target-audience may search for on Google.
  • Generates medium to high search volume.

Implement On Page SEO Throughout Your Website

Great, so you have a keyword or two in mind. What’s next. Do you just plant them everywhere you can? Although back in the day keyword stuffing was a popular technique to use – nowadays, it will just cause web crawlers to distance themselves from you, and consequently, distance you from your target audience.

 But on-page SEO is the next best thing. While optimizing your website with on-page SEO, you want to:

 Include keyword in all of your permalinks.

  • Add keywords to relevant fields. Including meta descriptions, titles, subheading, anchor text, and tags.
  • Ensure that you have internal links and backlinks throughout your website.
  • Double, and triple check that your posts are unique, and top-tier quality.
  • Consistent posting with quality value for your target audience.

SEO rankings

Begin Your First Backlink Campaign

This is where you will need to do a bit of groundwork for your website. Backlinks not only help build credibility between you and your new best-friend, web crawlers. But it also helps you reach more of your target audience.

“I don’t even know what backlinks are!”

 Backlinks are essentially your website scattered across the world wide web. More importantly, on reputable sites throughout the web.

 While building your backlinks, quality is of utmost importance. Certainly more so if you are looking to get featured on big blog sites, or article directories.

PPC Ads Are Your Friend

At the Big Picture Academy, we discuss PPC adverts more in detail with our members. But it is important to remember that they can vouch for a large success on behalf of your marketing campaign.

Although, it is by no means easy, or cheap to set up for that matter. It is more than worth it if done correctly. Using it correctly will likely result in increased traffic to your website, higher lead retention rates, and of course, sales.

At the Big Picture Academy, I teach our members how to hone this particular marketing utensil, and leverage their relevant target niche’s for optimal results.

Want To Know More?

Are you curious about how else you can improve your online domination in your niche? My name is Christopher Vitalis, and I would love to help you. Skim through our blogs to see if we don’t already answer the dozens of questions you probably have. Otherwise, feel free to pop me an email and let me help you!

Not interested in making a commitment just yet? I understand completely. But while you here, you may as well check out our YouTube channel for practical advice you can bring into your business methodology.

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