The power to persuade is the greatest power on Earth. Wars begin and end with it. Marriages are bound and broken by it. Politics are fought and founded in it.

The power of persuasion is the power to make a difference, the power to change, the power to lead.

People have been studying the art of influence since the dawn of civilization.

Robert Cialdini, one of the most respected researchers of all time in the field of persuasion came up with the information I will share with you today. So don’t take my word for it. Cialdini is the man when it comes to persuasion and marketing.

Cialdini’s 1984 book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion has sold over three million copies worldwide in thirty different languages. He has taught at universities like Stanford for over forty years. Now, he’s professor emeritus of psychology at Arizona State.

Yet, even though this info is out there, so many people still don’t know how to get what they want.

Why not?

The reason is simple.

They were never taught how to.

But persuasion is much simpler than you’d think. And learning to be good at it is too.

If you want to make money online or be your own boss, you’re going to need to learn. People ask me all the time how to get more followers or raise their conversion, and there’s a good reason why.

Because influence is everything in the world of business.

I actually started The Big Picture Academy for this very reason. I want to help you learn to get what you want. From your life, your interactions, and your opportunities.

Persuasion: A warning to the user


These tactics really do work! And while they may grant you incredible power over your peers, you must use them wisely and responsibly.

If you are deceitful or misleading in your persuasions, you will quickly undermine your credibility.

Be careful not to say things that are not true.

Try to find outcomes where everyone can win. After all, convincing someone is different than tricking them.

Your goal is that they are happy they decided to listen to you, not that they feel swindled. That way, they will return to listen to you again in the future.

So here are the six types of persuasion as defined by Cialdini. You can use them individually or in harmony. Learn to use each one well and in the appropriate situation and you will be able to get nearly anything you want.


It’s human nature to return a favor. That’s why you get free samples so often. If a business gives you something, you are likely to feel obligated to return the favor.

The principle of reciprocity is true in personal and business relationships and often happens completely subliminally.

The guy at the skateshop probably hooked you up with those free stickers so you’d think he’s cool, not the other way around. If you feel like they are nice to you there, you’re much more likely to shop there.

And besides, those stickers cost him pennies. Loyalty, however, is priceless.


No one likes to be called a liar. Not even liars do.

Once someone has said they will do, or believe in something, they are less likely to go against their word.

That’s why contracts are so effective, we don’t like to break them. Once you sign your name to something, you have to devalue your word in order to change your mind.

In just the opposite way, by keeping our commitments, we add value to ourselves. Statements and actions that reveal consistency of character build trust and loyalty.

Social proof

Peer pressure works on adults just as well as teenagers. When someone sees other people doing something, it makes them feel more comfortable doing it themselves.

That’s why social media is so important if you want to start an online business today. People trust what they see other people trust. They like what others like and they share what others share.

It’s just human nature.


People are more likely to trust or obey an authority figure. This is something we are all conditioned to do from an early age.

Authority is a social contract and can be difficult to measure.

That’s why we categorize and credit people with markers of authority. So we can distinguish between someone who is an expert and someone who is a novice.

If you cite an authority figure, you will seem more credible. You may have noticed how I did that at the beginning of this article. Because people want to know that they aren’t just getting some schmuck’s opinion, they are getting solid information that they can trust.

By citing Cialdini’s credentials, I legitimized the information I was about to share with you.


Authority isn’t the only thing that decides who influences us. We are also more likely to be swayed by someone we like or are attracted to.

That’s why ads tend to feature beautiful models and celebrity endorsements.

It’s simple really. We like them, so we want to like the same things as them. And it’s only natural.

Learning to align your ads, pitches, and content with what others are talking about and interested in will help you to ride the social waves. It’s easy to drift about in the currents of social media and never really get noticed.

If you produce content that people are already looking for and ready to like, you’ll have much more success.


Supply and demand are the basis of any and every economy. Perceived scarcity generates demand for your product. After all, no one wants to miss out.

This is why sales are on for a ‘limited time only’ and clearance is always ‘while supplies last’.

So the next time you’re going to post an article, tell people that you’re ‘sharing a secret’ instead of ‘examining the facts’. Creating scarcity and secrecy with your language can create engagement and interest.

The title, “Your business will fail unless you learn this trick” will win far more clicks than the one “one important trick to learn for business owners.”

Get started!

If any of this was useful, then don’t stop here. Learn more about Robert Cialdini, read his books, and study his techniques.

Practice persuasion in your personal and professional life, and take note of what works and what doesn’t.

It’s all up to you.

What you want, and what you dream of is all yours for the taking. You just need to know how to get it.

Now you have the tools. With a little patience and practice, your life will change. You may even forget what it was like to long for something you couldn’t have.

Good luck.


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