What’s your life plan? Get a job, work hard, save money, retire with a nice pension and hope everything works out well? Please no! If it’s anything like that, or you don’t even have an answer to that question, you really need to read this…

One of the best things about leaving school is the sense of freedom you get.

You no longer have to sit in class all day and get told what to do. You’re free to start living your life.

You can go out and get a job and have loads of money. And it’s your own money so you’re free to spend it how you want.

The bummer is that that sense of freedom is fleeting.

And It’s not really freedom at all. You just traded sitting in a classroom for six hours a day for sitting in a cubicle for eight hours a day. You still get told what to do and you get a lot less holidays!

You may have more money than you ever had before but how far does it actually go?

If you’re still living at home you may be pretty well off. But who wants to live with their parents forever?

You may choose to move out, get your own house or apartment, and again the sense of freedom can be tremendous. And again, it doesn’t last.

Now you get to learn all about rent, and bills.

You discover that there’s no food in the fridge if you didn’t go out and buy it! And 101 other things that quickly make you realize that the money you earn in most jobs just doesn’t go very far.

Where’s the freedom?

Maybe you choose to stay at home or you live very cheaply and the money’s not so bad. But what about your time?

These are the two great freedoms in the Western world: Time and Money

Having plenty of both is, perhaps, the ultimate freedom. But what happens if you get a job?

In most jobs you’re trading a lot of your time for not very much of somebody else’s money.

You end up very little money, but it doesn’t really matter because you have very little time to do anything with it anyway!

Maybe you want to earn more money. In most jobs the only way is to work more hours. Then you have more money, which is great, but of course you have even less time to enjoy it.

So what’s the answer?

You could choose to work hard now, and earn plenty of money, with the idea of having time to enjoy it later.

That, of course, is the promise of the 45 year plan. Or maybe now it’s the 50 year plan.

Work hard for 45 to 50 weeks a year for 45 or 50 years, and then retire with a nice pension.

Now you have plenty of money and all the time you wanted to enjoy doing whatever you want to do.

Do you see the two small problems with this plan?

One is that the pension system is broken. Most people simply don’t retire with what might be called a ‘nice’ pension.

Many people are finding that they need to keep working until they’re 65 or 70. Many can never afford to retire at all and just keep working until they drop dead.

Even if you can afford to retire it’s unlikely your pension will give you anything like a decent lifestyle. Not unless you’ve been paying in about 30% of your wages for 30 years and that money has been invested very wisely.

How confident do you feel with that plan?

For most people the idea of a pension never works out. But even if it does, there’s one more problem to consider:

Pension plans are otherwise known as the Deferred Life Plan.

It means that you spend the best 40 or 45 years of your life working away at a job that you may or may not hate, just to earn enough money that you can actually start living when you’re 60, or 65, or 70.

That’s at least 40 years of NOT doing all the things you want to do, in the hope that you may live long enough to enjoy doing them once you retire.

So, how does that sound? Wait at least another 40 years before you actually start living your life and enjoying any sort of freedom.

Let me give you a clue

If you ever dream of surfing the beaches or skiing the slopes of the world you might want to do it before you’re so old that a simple fall could result in multiple fractures!

Is putting you life on hold for 40 years starting to sound like a dumb idea?

Maybe not. If you think it sounds like a good idea then it’s time to move along; the rest of this post isn’t for you.

If, on the other hand, you’re thinking that’s a pretty crap deal, then you’re right. It is crap, and you shouldn’t do it!

Which, of course, may leave you wondering what the hell you’re going to do instead!

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back on this one; You just need a better plan.

Alternative Life Plans

For the sake of clarity, here’s a quick recap of the plan most people have been following.

  • Work for at least the next 40 years
  • Take a big gamble

One of two things is going to happen:

  • In 40 years time (how old will you be then?) you can retire with a decent income and actually start enjoying life


  • In 40 years time you’ll be dead, or dead broke.

So, the best possible outcome is that you’ll be pretty old but have at least a half decent income.

Equally, if not more, likely is that you won’t make it to age 60 in perfect health, if at all. And even if you do you may have less money than you have now.

A better plan

So, if you haven’t completely given up hope and you’re still with me, here it is. A better plan, or How to Join the New Rich.

  • Learn some new skills
  • Work hard for 3 to 5 years
  • Build Online Assets (online businesses that pay you)
  • Build them so you can work from anywhere in the world
  • Refine so that you get paid whether you work or not
  • Enjoy Life

That’s it.

What? You wanted more?

Well okay, you may wonder why I spent 1000+ words telling you what not to do and only six lines on what you should do. Fair shout.

That’s because this website, as a whole, is dedicated to teaching you all of the above.

Start your own online business

On The Big Picture Academy you’ll find information on getting started with online business, building online assets, learning how to make and manage money, and manage your mindset.

It’s all here for you.

And your life is out there waiting for you.

Don’t be a blind sheep, following the crowd to a lifetime of mediocrity.

Do something different.

Live life.

Enjoy life.


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