There are two types of people in life: The ones who are successful and those who never quite make the grade. Which one do you want to be?

You want success? Great! Well the good news is there’s just two things that make the difference between massive success and typical, miserable, mediocrity.

You want to know what they are?

Well here it is:

1 – Action

The people who achieve great things in life are the ones who take action.

It doesn’t matter what kind of success we’re talking about. In fact, only you can define what success look like to you.

You might want your own business, more money, better relationships, better health, location independence, wealth, happiness.

Or all of those.

Whatever it is you want out of life, you have to take action on it. No one is going to do it for you. If you want it, you have to go after it.

2 – Failure

The need to take action is pretty obvious, right? Failure, on the other hand, is counterintuitive for most people.

If I want to be successful, I have to get it right. No mistakes. If I want to be really successful then surely everything has to be perfect.

This is wrong.

If you want to be successful then you need to embrace failure.

You’ve heard the stories.

Edison failed a thousand times before he invented the lightbulb. The greatest baseball players strike out more times than they hit home runs.

This applies to you too.

The key to success

The way to become successful in pretty much any area of life lies in three simple words. Here they are:

Massive – Imperfect – Action

Whatever it is, if you want it, this is the way to get it. And here’s why.

You Must Take Action

Whether it’s more energy, more dates, more sales, more people on your email list or more money in your bank account that you want, you need results.

If you don’t have results you have nothing to measure, no way to tell if you’re being successful or not.

And to get results you must take action.

You need to do things. Approach people, send letters or emails, ask for sales, or jobs, or dates.

Only by taking action will you ever find out if this approach works. By taking action you get a result you can measure. Success or failure.

Don’t Try To Be Perfect

The biggest mistake you can make is waiting until you have everything perfect before you take any action. There are two problems with this.

1 – You waste a huge amount of time.

The time you spend trying to figure out the exact right way to do something could better be spent studying the results of actually doing something.

Remember, when you do something you get a result, and then you know for sure whether it worked or not.

2 – It’s never going to be perfect anyway

You can have, on paper, the best plan in the world. But until you act on it you’ll never really know. As military leaders are fond of saying:

No battle plan ever survived first contact with the enemy.

No matter how well you plan, there will always be things that don’t work, things that can be improved. The key is how quickly you find out what they are.

Massive Action For Quick Results

This is the key to the whole thing. You need results. You know your actions aren’t going to be perfect. The trick is to get through them fast.

You could approach one person a month, asking for a job, a date or a sale. 12 a year. What are your chances? Slim at best, right?

Or you could do 10 a week. Or more. What if you tried 50 or 100 times a month? I’ll tell you. Three good things happen when you take that level of action.

1 – You get better

If you’re approaching the problem 100 times a month then you get a lot of practice. You get better at writing or talking to people, or whatever.

2 – You can adapt

When you get that many results you start to see patterns. You see what works and what doesn’t. You can adapt and improve your approach.

3 – Failure doesn’t hurt

If it’s your only chance this month then failing is a pretty big deal. If you have another 99 to go then no worries – it’s just “NEXT!”

Massive Action In Action

So there’s your formula for success. Make your best, informed and educated, guess about what might work, and then take massive action on it to see if you’re right.

But how does that look in the real world. Here’s some ideas.

There is good money to be made from Fiverr and other such sites (it’s all in the upsell, not $5 gigs) but how would you approach it?

You could set up an account, list a couple of gigs and maybe get a few sales. Maybe you might be successful. And maybe not.

Or you could set up 5 new accounts and put 10 gigs on each. This gives you room to experiment.

Try different listing styles, different images, alternative headlines, long copy or short copy, with or without videos.

Try everything, all at once, and see what works for you. How much quicker are you likely to find a winner doing it this way?

Freelance Markets

Sites like and offer plenty of money making opportunities, and again it’s not in working for $2 – $3 an hour!

But how do you get the good jobs? You have to ask for them.

Don’t be sending one proposal a week and waiting to see if you hear back from it. Because the chances are you won’t.

Use all your credits. Send at least your 60 proposals every month. Buy more credits. Send more proposals. With this much practice you should get good at writing them!

And as you start getting clients you should get repeat business, so this isn’t a forever thing. But in the beginning – Go Massive.


Facebook isn’t the easy money game it used to be, but there’s still profit to be had from Groups and Pages. But what works?

Well you need to experiment to see what works for any particular audience. So how quickly do you want to find out?

Set up a whole bunch of Groups and pages and play around.

When you get a winner, drop the deadwood and see if you can repeat the successful one in a similar area.

Email Outreach

Two words: Send. Lots.

With cold emails it might take 25, 50 or 100 emails to get a response, let alone a sale. How long do you want to wait for that?

Send lots of emails. That doesn’t mean spamming! Do it right, but do it big.


Who knows what sells? Amazon can give you some clues there, but can you sell it?

You could offer two or three items and make a couple of sales a month. Or you could set up an online shop with 200 – 300 items…

Or two or three different shops…

And so on.


  • To achieve success you must have results (responses, sales etc)
  • To get results you must take action
  • Your actions will never be perfect – embrace this fact
  • Take massive action and quickly learn what works and what doesn’t
  • Adapt, change, improve, take action.
  • Repeat

Action Questions

So now you know how to be successful. But what will you do with it? Here’s some questions that might help:

  • What does success look like to you? What results do you want?
  • What actions could you take to move towards that?
  • What would the Massive Imperfect Action version of that be?
  • When would today be a good time to start?

Here’s to your massive success!


What you should do now

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3. Take Action! Knowledge is key to your success, but nothing will change for you until you put that knowledge into ACTION. How are you going to act on what you learned here?


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