Do you want to be more, do more and have more in life? Well you can, but you need to take action, nobody’s going to do it for you. Do you want it while you’re still young enough to enjoy it? Then you need to take massive action – now.

Don’t fall prey to perfectionism. To get results you need to take action. If you wait until you have all the answers, all the skills and knowledge you might need, the perfect website or the right qualifications, you’ll never get anywhere.

And don’t kid yourself that you need to wait until the time is right. What the fuck does that even mean? The time is never ‘right’, the time is NOW.

NOW is the time to be taking massive action towards the life you want to live.

Massive action for your Health

You want to be healthy? So get some healthy food in your body. Get ONLY healthy food in your body. Cutting down to medium fries and a diet soda ain’t gonna do shit. You need to stop eating that crap all together.

Clean out your cupboards. Throw away all the cereals and sugary junk. Get some good food in. Eat nothing bu clean, fresh, nourishing food for 30 days.

Is it easy to do? Hell no! But i sit worth it? Oh yes! It’s an education, and one well worth the effort.

You’ll probably need a plan; I recommend The Whole 30. If you actually follow this, properly, for the full 30 days, you’l be amazed at the results. That one massive action will change your relationship with food and health for life.

Will you stick with this way of eating forever? Probably not, it’s not perfect for most people, but it will take you to a pace where you can make informed choices about your health.

Massive action for fitness

You want to get fit? Well you should! Unless you can honestly say that your dream lifestyle is sitting on the couch watching reality TV and stuffing your face with chips all day, and then wondering why you feel so fat and tired – you need to get fit.

No pain, no gain, right?

It’s true, though I would advise being just a little bit sensible with this one in the beginning.

You don’t get a six-pack and guns by staying comfortable – you need to take some massive action. It’s only when you push yourself beyond the limits of what you previously capable that your body starts to adapt and grow in strength. And yes there will be times when it hurts. Grow a pair! But use your brain too.

You could probably do 200 sit-ups on the first day, but it ‘ll leave you in a world of pain – I suggest you not do that. Start slowly. Give your body a week or so to get used to the idea of exercise and growth, then ramp it up – MASSIVELY.

Daily exercise will leave you feeling better almost immediately but, if you’re more concerned about the way you look, you need to give this time. Take some photographs. Take massive action on your strength and fitness for 90 days. Then take a look at the results

Do you need to be moving massive weights to the point of muscle failure for the rest of your life? That depends on your goals, but for most people; probably not. Maybe you’ll take up running, or swimming, or mountain biking, but massive action at the beginning will change not only your body shape, but also your self image. Once you see yourself as a fit and healthy person you’ll be well paced to achieve any goal.

Massive action for more money

How many ways do you have of making money? One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to have only one source of income. Markets change fast. There is no job security. You need to create financial security for yourself.

When you work online the world is your marketplace. sell something. Offer some services. Can you write, or code, or throw together a WordPress site? There are plenty of people who can’t, or don’t want to, and they’ll pay you to do it. Does that mean you’ll do this thing forever? no. It’s not perfect.

Try enough things and you’ll eventually find the thing that is perfect for you, but you’ll never know until you take some action. Take massive action and find out fast.

Start saving and investing your money. Read The Richest Man In Babylon and follow the principles. Saving 10% of all you earn might not seem like a massive action but it’s way more than most people do. And that one thing can set you up for a life of financial freedom.

Massive action in business

Do you have an online business yet? If not, then you don’t know what you’re going to do. You might think you do, but you don’t! You need to experiment. Take massive action. Throw up a WordPress site, go looking for work or sales. Will it be perfect? Of course not. And while the point is not to intentionally get things wrong, you will make mistakes.

The point is to learn from your mistakes.

Learn what you’re good at, and what you might need to outsource. Learn what you enjoy. If the work makes you miserable you may as well get a job – they’re good for that!

In all of this the key is massive, imperfect action.

  • Take massive action
  • Act before you’re ready
  • Look at the results
  • Learn from the feedback
  • Take more action

The more action you take, the more results you have, the more feedback you get and the quicker you get to find out what works. You make more money faster! And the more action you take, the better you get – so next time the results are better. Win win!

Massive action for learning

If you want to live a better life, you need to become better; you need to attend to your personal growth. And that’s a massive action you can definitely start taking right now.

Read books – read 10 books. Learn to speed read – read 100 books. Take notes, learn, put that learning into action – massive action.

Read. Learn. Take massive action.

You have to take a leap.




What you should do now

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