If you want to live the life of your dreams, or just do something other than drift aimlessly through life, you need to take action. And before you can take action you need to make decisions. And that just might be a problem…

Do you have a To Do list? Or a Maybe list? Or a Decisions list? Or a This Sounds Really Good And I Must Get Round To Trying It One Day list? Most people do.

It might not be a written list. It might just be in your head, but most people have one.

Let me ask you a couple of questions:

How long is that list? It’s long, right?

And how often do you cross things off that list because you’ve actually done them?

Let me guess…

Not often.

Am I right?

So why is that?

You’ve got this long list of really great ideas that might make you more money, improve your health and fitness, make you happier, or improve your life in whatever way. And yet you don’t do them.

What’s that about?

Well if you’re anything like most people, and I think we already established that, because you’ve got this list, right? It’s this…

Most people suck at making decisions

You may be tempted to debate me on this one.

You may argue that it’s lack of time or lack of money, lack of knowledge or lack of skills, location, family situation, or any number of other things, that prevent you from doing all these things.

But that’s not true.

Let me say it again, just to be clear: The reason you don’t get shit done is that you suck at making decisions.

It’s not that you can’t do stuff. You do stuff all the time.

And it’s not that you CAN’T make decisions. It’s just that you’re not very good at it. You don’t make enough decisions, and you don’t make them fast enough.

The power of decision

There will be plenty of examples in your life where you’ve made a decision and followed through until you get what you set your mind on.

It might be getting a new iPhone or just going to the bar for a few drinks. You decide you’re going to do it, you take action on it and keep going until you achieve the result you were after.

Previously ‘important’ and immovable things, like watching your favorite TV show or spending money on more new clothes that you don’t need, suddenly matter less, or not at all.

You’ve made a decision to do something and nothing stands in your way until it’s done.

So what’s so great about making decisions?

Consider this, often attributed to the great German writer Goethe:

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back…………….Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (or maybe not)

There’s a hint, especially in the missing, middle bit, that there’s even more value in this decision making lark, but we’ll save that for another time.

A good question to ask here is: What does decision actually mean?

Decision comes from the Latin decisio – to cut off. When you make a decision you cut off all other possibilities. Or you commit to one course of action.

That’s where the power comes from. That’s why nothing stands in your way. When you’ve decided, properly decided, to do something, you have power; the ability to take action.

Why you need to decide

Did you ever have the great idea of starting your own online business? It is a great idea. But what to do?

You figure you might build a website, or maybe start a YouTube channel, or a podcast. Or maybe just a blog. You could run some FaceBook ads or build your following on Instagram.

They’re All great ideas.

But the days and weeks drift by, and a month later what have you done?

Sweet F.A.

Is that a peculiarly British term? In case it is, the F.A stands for Fuck All.

You had a great idea that could radically improve your life and maybe make you a shit-ton of money, and you did fuck all about it for an entire month.

And just let me remind you; it’s not that you didn’t have time. You had time for plenty of other things. And it’s not that you don’t have the money. Most of those things are free or cost the same as a beer or a coffee.

The reason you didn’t do anything is that you didn’t DECIDE to do anything.

But what if I make the wrong decision?

Any decision, even a relatively bad one, is better than no decision at all.

Suppose you send a month making videos, or writing blog posts, every day and discover, during that time, that you absolutely hate it.

Well now you know!

You know that’s not the way you want to do business, and that method need never enter your decision making process again.

Move on to the next.

If you don’t decide, pick something, and DO IT then another month will go by, and another, and another, and you’ll still be wondering which way would be best!

Here’s a PRO TIP: There is no best way.

There’s only the way that works best for you, and the only way you get to find out what it is is by DOING STUFF.

How to make decisions quickly

You could tie yourself up for days, or weeks, with logical, rational reasoning and S.W.O.T. analysis, and if you’re investing millions of dollars then you should definitely do all that.

But something simple like deciding between an iPhone or a Samsung? Starting a blog or a podcast?

I suggest you not waste your time. Cut the crap and go with your gut.

Which means what?

Use your gut instinct. How do you FEEL about this decision?

Consider one choice. How does it feel to think about going that way? Does it feel exciting? Dangerous?

Does it feel like a relief to pick that one and drop everything else? Or would it be a relief to forget that idea and do something different?

Excitement can be misleading but the sense of relief you feel about choosing one action over another is a pretty good indicator. Trust it. Go with it.

What’s the worst that could happen?

You could spend a month doing something only to discover it’s not for you.

On the other hand you might find that you really love it and make a shed-load of money.

And what’s the alternative?

The alternative is making no decision and staying right where you are now, not knowing what to do and, consequently, doing nothing.

What next?

So whaddya gonna do now?

Make a decision of course! But what on?

Do you have some ideas?

Is there something you could start taking action on? Or are you not quite at that stage yet?

If you need a bit more inspiration then right here is a very good place to start.



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