I’m sure you know that the financial system is rigged.

Billionaires sit in the lap of luxury while hundreds of thousands of people just like you have to slave away at a 9-5 job, just to get by.

You’ve gotta have money to make money. That’s what they always say.

And they’re not wrong. If you have money, you can use it to make money. And I mean lots of money.

But if you don’t have money, how the hell do you get it in the first place?

Well I’m here today to tell you that it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Like most of my readers, you’re probably already on the right path. Hell, you’re spending your time reading about how to make money. That alone puts you ahead of the pack.

But there’s more. Saving money isn’t just about having a hungry mindset. Money follows a distinct set of rules, and if you learn to play the game, you can wind up winning big.

I’m here today to share those rules with you. The rules by which the game is played.

So will the Laws Of Wealth make me rich?

Simple answer, no. These rules won’t do anything but educate you. They’ve been here all along and they’re not going anywhere. No, these rules won’t make you rich.

You are going to make yourself rich.

After all, it’s all up to you. How much you make, how much you save, how you invest. All of these decisions determine your financial future.

They dictate whether you’ll be living a life of luxury or scraping by on minimum wage.

If you’re here to find a magical solution to your financial woes, then you probably aren’t going to find what you’re looking for. Not here, and probably not anywhere else.

It doesn’t exist.

There is no magical cure. No instant solution. Money is a game and there are rules. If you work hard and play the game well, nine out of ten times you’ll come out on top.

It really is that simple.

So where are these rules from?

They are ancient, actually. The basic principles of wealth date back to the earliest invention of money that we know of.

Have you ever heard of the city of Babylon?

Babylon was an ancient city in the Fertile Crescent and it’s peoples knew a timeless secret about money.

So infamous is this story of Babylon, that bankers, investors, CEOs, and real estate agents around the world have read it. Trust me, you’re not the first one to get their hands on this secret.

These principles have been the guiding light to success for countless millionaires of modern and historic times. They are timeless and can be applied anywhere there is wealth.

It doesn’t matter the currency. It doesn’t matter the country. And it doesn’t matter the time.

Money is a game and these rules will always apply.

They were translated from clay tablets found in the ruins of the ancient city of Babylon. When archaeologists first uncovered these secrets, they were in disbelief that something so ancient could hold modern wisdom.

But the following year, the lead archaeologist started to apply these secrets to his own finances.

He quickly realized that, holy shit, this stuff still works!

It wasn’t long before money makers all over the world were reading the revelations of the clay tablets of Babylon.

All around the globe, hustlers and hard workers started turning their earnings into savings, their savings into investments, and their investments into wealth that would last them their lifetime.

The laws of wealth, how to gain it, how to protect it, and how to manage it.

So here they are. Clean and simple. I’m not here to sell you these secrets or to tease you with tidbits of the truth.

Here I will share the five laws of gold as outlined by the ancient Babylonians.

I’ll put them in plain and simple terms so that they are easy to understand and apply.

Then, at the end, I’ll share the source of these laws with you so that if you’re really serious about making money, you can go and study the full text for yourself.

So without further ado,

The first law: Save 10% of all you earn

Wealth is easily accrued and naturally multiplies if you abide by this simple law.

For every amount of money that you earn, put no less than 10% away into a savings account that you never withdraw from. This is your personal wealth which you will amass throughout your entire life.


I don’t care if your car breaks down, or you break your leg, or you get stranded in a foreign country, don’t use this money.

If you want, you can also open an emergency savings account and put a percentage of what you earn into it each month.

But this money is yours forever. It is a representation of your wealth and not just a savings account to be used on something special.

If you work hard each month to earn a living as you always have, 10% will be a small amount to put aside. You might not even notice it missing.

Or you might have to suck it up and give up one of your current expenses. Maybe it means smoking or drinking less. Maybe not going out to eat as often. Hell, maybe you waste money on going to shows and movies.

Whatever it is that you need to do in order to have at least 10% to put away each month, do it. Without a strength of will that allows you to accomplish this, the rest of what it takes to be wealthy will escape you.

This money can be used to make you more money. The following four laws will help detail how.

The second law: Use your money to make more money

Here’s the part you already knew: ‘You’ve gotta have money to make money.”

That phrase didn’t come from nowhere. It’s true.

Fortunately, thanks to the first law, you know how to save money.

That money isn’t just for sitting there and looking pretty. Money can and will work hard for you. If wisely invested, money will multiply reliably and with little oversight.

This may mean investing in the stock market, property or services. Maybe you invest in a business venture that will grow into an empire or you invest in a stock that is set to soar.

Once you accrue enough money to look at and say “Wow! I’m doing it, look at all my money” then it is time to make that money work for you. You didn’t save it all up just so you could look at it.

You want to be rich!

And you don’t get rich by sitting around and waiting. You get rich by investing, and then sitting around and waiting… so to speak.

The third law: Make wise and careful investments, heed the advice of the knowledgeable few

The second law can get you into deep shit without the help of the third.

After all, how much do you know about investing? If you aren’t rich yet, the chances are you don’t know much.

So don’t pretend or assume that you do.

The money markets of the modern world are massively complex. Some people study it for their entire lifetimes and still make mistakes.

If you do your homework, research your investments and keep a diverse portfolio, you can make massive gains in just a few year’s time. If you are wise with your wealth, you can be looking at big returns.

And the magical thing about making money out of money, is that as you gain more money, you also make more money.

The wealthier you get, the wealthier you get. It really is as simple as it sounds.

The fourth law: You will quickly lose your fortune if you invest in ways that are rash or fields in which you are uninformed

Just as easily as you can use your money to make more money by investing, you can also throw it all away.

If you’ve never played golf and are investing in a new golf club manufacturer who is the hot new shit, maybe reconsider.

If you don’t play video games and are investing in a new tech company because they are about to release a new console that is set to blow up the market, think again.

This law is simple, if you don’t know shit about it, you probably shouldn’t be putting your money behind it.

After all, if you were playing poker and didn’t know the rules, you probably wouldn’t bet all your chips. It would be wise to wait and learn the game first.

Only bet big when you are on familiar ground and confident of a result.

Unwise investing has sunken many ships, and yours will be no different.

Stick to your guns, invest in what you know, and if you aren’t sure, do more research before you put your money on the line.

The fifth law: You will quickly waste your money if you fall for scams or desire fast results and instant rewards

These days there are a thousand get rich quick schemes and quick investment strategies that all claim to be the fast track to making you a million dollars.

These are scams. They likely stand to gain from you using their service, buying their product, or investing in their stock.

Don’t listen to the bullshit.

Do some real, in depth research. Learn from the pros, like Buffet. And make safe investments.

Remember, this is your lifetime’s worth of wealth we are talking about here. If there’s any chance of losing it, you’re in the wrong place.

You can save up other money with which to make risky investments. But with the 10% you’ve saved up, be cautious and careful.

Don’t fall for any bullshit scams.

If you do, you might find yourself right back where you started but years farther down the line. You’ll be no closer to the riches you imagined.

Wisdom, patience, restraint, and resolve

After all, before you can make any of the five laws work for you, you’re going to need to learn  wisdom, patience, restraint, and resolve. You’re going to have to hone your character a bit in order to pull it off.

After all, money doesn’t grow on trees.

If this were easy, everyone would be doing it. But it’s not, and only few ever do.

Fortunately you’re smart, young, enterprising and you’re ready. With these five laws to govern your spending and savings, you can accumulate more wealth than you’d ever imagined.

Start now. Log into your online bank portal right now and open a new savings account. Label it 10% wealth and deposit 10% of whatever your last paycheck was into it.

There. See how that feels. Whether it’s got $20 or $2000 in it, that money is there to stay. That’s yours forever.

Take pride in your savings. Guard it carefully. Exercise wisdom and restraint in using the five laws of money.

You’ll be rolling in riches before long.

If you’re really serious about getting rich and aren’t just reading this for fun, there’s more. After all, I didn’t just pull these laws out of my ass. They really did come from Babylon. They really are as ancient as money itself.

Here’s where you can read more about them, their story, and how they have been used across the aeons by ordinary people to amass incredible wealth.


You’re welcome.


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