Are you done with school? Done with learning? Feel like you know everything you could possibly need to know and a bunch of stuff you never needed to know in the first place?

I hear you. Really I do. I was bored stupid for the last two years of school. It was another ten years before I read another book that wasn’t horror or sci-fi.

Don’t make that mistake!

It’s not uncommon for teenagers to think they know everything and know better than everyone else. That’s fine if it’s just a phase you’re going through.

But you need to grow out of it. Especially if you want to be rich, or successful by pretty much any other measure.

You need to learn.

Always Be Learning

The key to the good life is learning. It doesn’t stop when you leave school – that’s when it really starts.

You want success? You want wealth? You want good health, good relationships, happiness and all the other good stuff life has to offer?

Then you need to be learning. Constantly.

Like this.

Learn From Books

How many books do you read? Non-fiction books that is. One or two a year? One a month?

It’s not enough.

Tai Lopez reckons to read a book a day. The guy’s worth about $20 million.

Make sure you understand this the right way. He doesn’t read a book a day because he’s a millionaire with time on his hands.

He’s a millionaire, in part at least, because he’s read so much, and continues to do so because he wants to be better and earn more.

Get it?

Read more books!

Learn From Courses

Thought you were done with coursework? Well think again. Often the best way to learn a new skill is to take a course.

And you need plenty of skills.

Sign up with Udemy and take a course. They’ll offer courses at a huge discount when you first join – take a bunch of courses.

Learn all you can to increase your value in the marketplace.

If you want to have more you need to do more, and be more. And to be more you need to keep learning.

Learn From Other People

You can always learn something from other people. ALL other people. Don’t be so arrogant as to imagine that’s not true.

Admittedly with some people it might be what not to do, but there’s always something you can learn from them.

Learn from the successful

As Jim Rohn was fond of saying, Success Leaves Clues. So study success.

Whatever it is you want, seek out people who have achieved success in that area. Do they have money? Have they built businesses? Do they have great relationships?

Whenever you can, get around people who already have what you want. What do they do? What do they say? How do they behave?

If you get the chance, ask them questions. Learn what they’re thinking. Learn their attitudes and beliefs.

Let me say this one more time: If you want to be successful, get around successful people and LEARN from them.

Learn from the average

Remember, it’s not just the super-successful that can teach you something. You can learn from everyone.

The average person gets a job, gets two weeks holiday a year and gets into debt.

Is this what you want?

If you want something different, don’t do what average people do. Learn what they do and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

You won’t be considered a failure if you have a job you hate, a car to get you to that job, a house to come home to and $25,000 worth of debt.

But is that your definition of success? If not, if you want more in life, learn to think and do ABOVE average.

Learn from the unsuccessful

Do you know people who never seem to have any money? People who can’t stay in a job, or a relationship, for more than a few months?

Pay close attention, learn from them, and NEVER DO WHAT THESE PEOPLE DO.

It’s not that they don’t have value – everyone’s good at something. They’re just not bringing value to the marketplace.

Maybe there’s something else they can teach you. Just don’t take financial advice from them!

Learn From Mentors

Jim Rohn was successful. He frequently talked about his mentor, Earl Shoaff.

A net worth of $20,000,000 says Tai Lopez is successful by some definitions. He had 5 millionaires who mentored him.

Michael Jordan, probably the greatest basketball player ever, says his greatest asset was being teachable. He had coaches. Several coaches.

Even at the height of his career he would ask for their help. He’d take their advice and implement it. And win.

Find people who have already achieved what you want, or something closely related, and ask them to help you. Don’t imagine you can do it all on your own. Ask for help.

Learn From Your Own Life

Some days Jim Rohn seems to get all the good lines. He also said this:

Be a student of your own life.

What works for you? And what doesn’t? What makes you happy? What makes you miserable? When are you most productive and when do you fail to achieve?

Don’t ignore the signs – study the signs, and learn from them.

If something was a disaster, make sure you learn from it. Figure out why it didn’t work out and then don’t make the same mistake again.

Remember: There is no failure, only feedback.

Learn From The Feedback

This is the key to progressing in life, and business.

  • You learn something
  • You do something
  • You get a result

That’s the feedback. It may not be the result you expected, or wanted, but you will alwasy get a result. What can you learn from it?

  • Study the feedback
  • Learn something
  • Do something different
  • You get a result
  • Study the feedback
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc
  • Until you get what you want

So what are you going to learn today?


What you should do now

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