When you think of your life, what kind of vibe do you get in your stomach?

What person do you see yourself as?

What’s the story you say to yourself every morning you wake up?

It really all boils down to who you think you are.

And in the game of Life, people fall in only two categories – heroes and losers.

And then come the excuses.

“But I grew up with 5 other siblings in a basement”

“But my father was hitting my mother”

“But I don’t have XYZ”

“But this guy had XYZ”

Fuck off. It does NOT matter.

You must FIND THE way to win anyway.

Heroes don’t make excuses.

That’s what all those “buts” above are. Bullshit excuses you tell yourself (and others) to TRY and feel better about not changing what you don’t like in your life.

Guess what though little brother or sister… The sad truth is that everybody else is playing the game.

the big picture academy

Cocktails and rooftops, NYC

You’ve definitely taken a different approach.

Instead of playing the game, all you’re doing is you are wasting your time making excuses. As a result you are losing the game.

Stop repeating those stories about why you can’t make it and start figuring out ways you can actually CONQUER your life and dreams.

Adversity is the mother of SUCCESS.

It won’t work automatically though,

You’ll only be able to reap the befits if you use it as the TOOL it’s meant to be.

Trust me when I say, you should thank God and feel incredibly lucky about these obstacles, the adversity and the struggle in your life right now.

This may sound counterintuitive, but I wouldn’t be here telling you all this, had it not been for all the sh*t I’ve been through.

The only reason I am typing these words away from my crazy London crib (ultra luxurious penthouse overlooking the City of London),


[feel free to drop by for tea and cookies]

is that I got DISGUSTED of living in a sickening tiny room with no hot water.

The only reason for my millions and success, is that I got sick and tired of all the poverty I had to shove down my throat because I wasn’t born rich.

Instead of whining like a little b*tch about how my parents were not rich, I decided to become affluent.

Do you think those rich assholes are going to ever be successful?

No, that’s impossible since they have everything you can ever wish for already.

For the rest of their whole miserable lives, these douchebags are going to be living in the shadow of their rich dad or mom.

Why do you think is it that MONEY DOES NOT BUY HAPPINESS? It’s not entirely true sure, but people entertain themselves cause it makes them feel complacent if you have not won your OWN money through sweat and tear.

Wealth must be a byproduct of adversity and struggle. It must NOT be given to you. It must be earned. You must make a shit ton of sacrifices.

It’s not the money that makes rich people miserable, it’s the lack of purpose and meaning in their life, which you can *only occasionally* find by chasing a better life and more zeros in your bank account.

But when you are already driving an SUV, living in a villa and buying your girlfriend food with your dad’s cash then you don’t have any motivation to chase anything.

Even if your parents were not exactly wealthy, but merely financially comfortable, that sucks.

That sucks because it allows you to be mediocre, to settle for less, to give up on your dreams for the same shit ass middle class average life.

I see it everywhere around me. You can see it everywhere around you if you open your eyes and look carefully.

Look at who is actually succeeding. It’s those that’ve been through some kind of struggle and adversity that eventually get further ahead than all those average Joes.

I am so thankful I had to survive on sleeping with insects and having no hot water, because I couldn’t afford even buying a bed. I am so grateful for this gave me an insane amount of inner game, aka motivation if you will.

You need to experience this for yourself to understand its real power. It basically transforms you so that the only word that you think is GO!

Listen to me. If you are in deep shit right now, you have a choice.

Use your troublesome everyday life, your sorrow and your worries to SMASH through each and every obstacle like the people you admire, or sit back, relax maybe do some yoga or drugs and talk about energy until you realize you need to actually do something about your pathetic existence.

Until Next Time,

In rebellion,

JC Vitalis

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