You have plenty of organic traffic you need to meet your sales quota. But for some reason, you start to notice sales are declining, even though your organic traffic is skyrocketing. The biggest problem with e-commerce stores is onboarding, also known as your conversion rate.

So how can you drastically improve your conversion rate on an e-commerce store?

The Big Picture Academy is here to help!

There are dozens of tricks and tips out there explaining exactly how you can go about doing this. Some are realistic – others are… well, not exactly accurate. The Big Picture Academy did some digging, and we have come up with some tricks that will actually work.

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

What Is The Magic Number That Would Make You Happy?


conversion rate

The first thing is to determine what conversion rates would make you happy. The problem is there are no set-in-stone variables when it comes to conversion optimization. Comparing yourself to other e-commerce sites will only leave you feeling despondent, and unmotivated.

So what is a good milestone for you?

The aim of this article is to help you increase your conversion rates by up to 50-percent. You probably have a current conversion rate of anywhere between 1% – 2% (this is the common rates for e-commerce platforms). So, we are hoping to help you set that closer to the four-percent milestone.

Use Quality Images For Your Products And General Website Theme

Customers need to trust your website. Nothing screams red-flags more than bad quality images throughout the site.

High-quality images give customers an idea of what they are buying and instill trust. Believe it or not, by simply adding high-quality images to your website, your conversion rate optimization will be impacted (in a good way).

Adding additional features into the product photos is also a great idea. For example, getting the products in question from different angles. You could even implement a feature for potential customers to zoom in and out while looking at a product that they are interested in buying.

Make Sure Your Website Puts Users First Right From The Moment They Click The URL


It is human nature to want to feel special. When your buyers are surfing through your products, you want them to know that you have taken the time to provide a seamless experience for them.

A recent study was done by Kampyle, which illustrated that over 87% say that brands need to put more effort into providing a seamless experience across all channels.

How to tell where your e-commerce site needs to be improved?

The good news is that there are a number of ways you can approach improving user-experience on your e-commerce platform. From conducting short customer surveys, offering free chat support right through to asking for feedback after customers complete their shopping experience.

The easier it is to use a buying platform – the more likely customers will go through with a purchase. Nothing is more frustrating than a payment platform that keeps giving problems.

I don’t know about you but if I struggle to make a payment, I smack the big red ‘X’ and look for the next website to get what I need.

Make Sure Your E-Commerce Website Is Optimized For Mobile Transactions

conversion rate

If your e-commerce platform does not cater for mobile users, you have a big problem!

Did you know during the last Black Friday almost a third of all transactions made globally came from a smartphone? If your website does not cater for mobile users – imagine the untapped potential that you are losing out on a daily basis!

Make Sure Customers Can Find What They Need Without Any Problems

At the end of the day, customers are on your website because they need something. It could be for themselves, it could be a gift. But if you don’t have it – then they have no reason to stick around on your website, right?

The worst part about it is what happens if you have exactly what they need? But your search feature let you down! This is one of the biggest problems that e-commerce platforms face on a daily basis. It can also cost you thousands in lost sales.

It is important to keep the search function simple, but convenient. Having advanced search filters, and a clickable list of categories to help customers find exactly what they need is a fantastic idea to implement into your e-commerce platform.

Optimize TouchPoint Experiences To Improve Your Conversion Rate

conversion rate

You want to leave potential customers excited to continue with effective engagement strategies.

Integrating a simple registration process is critical. That’s general knowledge. But what about password recovery? What about financial transaction confirmations?

It is important to be efficient when it comes to communication with customers. Completing a financial process and not receiving a confirmation email for the purchase leaves customers stressed out. Potentially even avoiding making use of your platform in the future – something you don’t want.

Would you like at that, 5-points to increase the lead conversions of your e-commerce platform by up to 50%.

Now that you have made the customer experience seamless, improved the optimization of your website for mobile users, and ensured that customers are engaged every step of the way – you can watch your conversions soar to new highs.

If you would like some more great tips on how to grow and expand your business – The Big Picture Academy is always glad to help. For educational, actionable videos be sure to check out our Youtube channel.

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