Starting your own gig can be extremely difficult. The problem is you know what to do to help potential customers solve real-time problems. You have the experience to deal with any technicalities. The problem is you just can’t find a viable way to get the word out that you are ready to help your target market with their problems! The Big Picture Academy is here to help you with marketing methods that have been used time, and time again.

Marketing your expertise is incredibly important.

It’s easy enough to land small fish in your target market. But if you really want to provide value with your services, and land some high-paying clientele – then you need to learn how to implement marketing methods that will get your expertise out there.

The Big Picture Academy understands how frustrating the process can be. That is why we decided to come up with actionable tips that will help you penetrate your relevant market, and better portray the value that you can bring to potential customers.

The Magic Starts Once You Determine Exactly What Your Target Market Is

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Regardless of whether you are a freelance, a thriving small business, or a solopreneur looking to push out a new product – determining your target market/niche is incredibly important.

Defining a clear target market will help you ensure you are providing value to the right type of people. Through providing value, you have the chance to establish your experience with the difficulties that potential clients are facing.

This will also help you eliminate prospects who simply don’t match your ideal client persona. For example, low-paying clients.

Get Out There And Start Spreading The Word!


Think about this. Somewhere, there is a client out there searching for the services you offer. This client is more than willing to pay the prices you charge. The problem is they don’t know about you!

That is why it is important to fake it until you make it. Spread the word about your services, and experience in your niche. This may just be one of the most important marketing methods we have for you today!

There are thousands of ways that you can do this. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook are just two examples of great places where you can start applying your knowledge to set your foot in the door.

Setting up a blog to help your ideal client with real-time problems they may be facing is also an awesome idea. Share these articles through Medium, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

Your Niche May Be The Door In – Networking Is Your Key

“The key to success is not what you know, rather… it is who you know” – The Big Picture Academy

Once you have set up a way to back up your expertise in your niche. The next important step is to start networking yourself. You may be shy to connect with complete strangers and start talking about your niche. But if you want to land those big clients, this is a step that you can’t afford to skip.

Networking is as simple as reaching out to other like-minded individuals in your respective niche. Sending them a friendly introduction message, and telling them you hope to get to know them better.

That’s right. There really is not much to it.

The benefit of networking is you will be able to glean insight from other experts in your niche. There is also a high likelihood that you will connect with an ideal client, who will be awestruck by your experience. Before you know it – your marketing just landed you your dream client.

Ask The Big Picture Academy For Help

Helping individuals just like you is exactly why The Big Picture Academy was created. We have the experience to establish your name and land your first ideal client. And a ton of unique marketing methods you can implement in your daily operations today!

If you want some great advice for building up your business from scratch, check out our Youtube channel. We offer tons of value and actionable solutions to problems that you will face on a daily basis through our weekly newsletters, so don’t forget to sign up! Your email is safe in our hands!

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