So you want to be successful? Yeah, everyone wants to be successful. It’s actually not that hard to do better and be more, yet most people fall at the first hurdle – their emotions.

It’s not bad to be emotional, it means you give a shit. Good. You need to be invested in what you’re doing if you’ve got any chance of it working out.

But you’re not superhuman.

If it was easy to be emotionless and just do stuff, you wouldn’t be reading this and we wouldn’t be in the business of helping you.

Newsflash: You are the biggest barrier to your own success.

To be successful you have to accept that weakness is inevitable. As is failure. (I really hope you weren’t living in the bubble I just burst).

Every time you’re parents told you not to cry because crying is for losers – you internalized that and now anytime something goes wrong you either act like it’s the worst thing that ever happened or you turn into a sociopath!

How do you expect to succeed? Actually, screw success for a second. How do you expect to grow as a person, if you can’t even handle your own shit?

To help you pull yourself together and take back control, we’ve listed below the top 6 ways successful people keep their emotions in check.

Act Responsibly

You’ve gotta roll with the punches.

Remember as a kid when something bad happened, a condescending adult would chime in with “well sometimes life’s not fair”. Meaning: suck it up ASAP. But actually, while you were annoyed for a bit, you got over it pretty quick right?

Don’t tell me you were a sulker… We don’t have time for that here.

The fact is people in control of their emotions are more successful. Do you disagree with someone? That’s fine you can reasonable about it, you’re the adult now. Did you make a mistake or hurt someone? That happens too.

We all screw up and that’s a good thing because you have something to learn from – don’t dwell on it, stop harboring all that anger. People can feel your tension. If you don’t come across as an easy person to deal with, why are you surprised when don’t want to work with you?

Accept responsibility, then move the hell on!

Honestly, Man

For some reason society still, portrays the popular guy as a bit of a douche. But let’s remember that’s on TV and that’s not real life. (Sorry!)

The guy who really gets people talking, or in this case listening is the one who has the emotional capacity, to be honest.

Some of you are like, is that it?

Yes. Honesty speaks volumes and it’s still a rare commodity in business because there are so many people just trying to make it that they’ll do anything, be anything, say anything.

When you’re comfortable being honest whether you’re thinking on your feet at a meeting or telling the truth at a bar, people are instantly drawn to you. More than that, if you stay true to yourself you’ll gain the respect of others without having to try!

Keep Cool and Do The Damn Work

Your emotions aren’t just affecting your goals, they’re affecting you. Yes, all of you.

Your mind and your body. Having trouble thinking of creative ideas? Can’t sleep at night? Getting mad at yourself for dumb stuff and you know it’s pathetic but you can’t help it…

So many people have a plan and they wanna execute it. They mean it when they start. They use words like “passion” “vision” and it’s got this very warm, positive vibe that even know they’re borderline insufferable part of you roots for them anyway cos you know that:

Fast forward three months later – They’re slacking and in a Netflix binge because they got frustrated that things aren’t going their way! (I’m being kind saying 3 months).

You want to find your grit. You wanna go further this time. The work doesn’t start at step one of your plan. It starts at -1 with yourself.

You can only become successful in every sense of the word if you foster your emotional intelligence. This requires you to let go of all the negative feelings that are currently keeping you underground.

This isn’t the same thing as pretending they don’t exist. Every person with high emotional intelligence is very in touch with their feelings. The difference is they’re not ruled by them.

Living in a constant cycle of anxiety, fear, and self-criticism. It’s no surprise you can’t get ahead. You’ll never succeed unless you drop the dead weight.

Admit when things bother you, either find a solution or forget it. You convince yourself that wasting time has a purpose but all you’re really doing is stroking your own ego. Rather than taking a risk and trying to change.

Successful people take risks, they work continuously forwards their goals even if the small things slow them down occasionally. They’ve learned the hard way that letting their emotions overrun them only pushes them back down again.

Stop making it so hard for yourselves!

Money Is Just One Form Of Success

It’s OK to want things.

I’m prefacing this because we live in a society that on the one hand is so capitalistic but on the other people are so beaten down because they’ve been told what to want from life.

Everyone would like to achieve financial freedom. But so many people go into business looking to get rich quick.

Let’s be honest, not that many people are rich, but they’re plenty of wealthy people.

It’s all about perspective and once you understand how you’re wired and overhaul your emotions, you’ll probably see a lot of negative points regarding how you think about work and money that’ll need adjustment now that you’re in charge.

If you want to be successful. Work smart, don’t sell your soul. Trust me you don’t have to. Many entrepreneurs feel empowered both in their professional and personal lives. You’ve gotta find the balance.

Sadly though, there’s a large majority hustling themselves to death because they haven’t taken the time to evaluate their emotions or what’s really important to their overall development. Look at the bigger picture and try to enrich your life through the experiences you have.

Gratitude and Kindness

We all get caught up, it happens. But by this far down the list you probably get that in order to see the world for what it is and work with what you’ve got you’ve gotta pull your head out of your ass first!

There’s a lot to be grateful for, the fact you ever have the internet to better yourself with is a privilege and people who’ve conquered their emotions no longer have to spend all that time looking inwardly, searching for the meaning of life.

You won’t find within. When you drop the sadness, you’ll see you were probably a bit selfish, no more than anyone else but still, selfish.

The keys to success are out in the world all you’ve gotta do is open yourself up to opportunities.

Time Is A Currency

Everyone is always talking about time. If only I had more time! Every successful person knows that if you want more time, you have to make time. Assert yourself. Structure your days around completing your most important tasks. Schedule the activities that nourish you. Your emotional health relies on being in reasonable shape to keep you going for the long haul. Time is its own form of currency don’t expend yours for less than it’s worth.


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