Do you like to make stuff? Or design things? Or enjoy writing? Do you want to get paid for it? You can make money with Amazon doing all three.

There are many ways to make money with Amazon. There’s more about that in this article. Mostly it’s about selling things that already exist.

Everyone should take advantage of Amazon’s affiliate program. But there’s more to life than promoting other people’s products.

What if you like to make things yourself?

Let’s Get Creative

So you have some creative chops, huh? Cool.

There’s 1001 ways you can put that to use to make money on the internet. But how? Where do you start?

Here’s three ways you can express your creativity and harness the power of Amazon to create an extra stream of revenue.

Get Crafty with Handmade At Amazon

You’ve probably heard of Etsy, the website for selling handmade goods. Did you know there was a similar marketplace on Amazon?

It’s called Handmade At Amazon. In principle it’s pretty much the same as Etsy. Anything handcrafted. If you make it yourself, you can sell it there.

The program is by application only. The guidelines state that “all of your products must meet our definition of handmade….. All applications will be reviewed by our team”.

My understanding is that the Amazon definition of ‘handmade’ may be a little looser than with Etsy.

Why use Amazon when you could sell on Etsy? Two main reasons:

  • Numbers – as ever, with Amazon, the sheer number of people using Amazon means you potentially reach more buyers.
  • The Know – Like – Trust factor. Most people are more comfortable shopping on Amazon. It’s a known quantity.

Passive / Travelling Income Potential?

Probably not. Although it might be worth exploring.

Given the less strict definition of ‘handmade’ and being able to use Amazon for shipping, you might be able to have people crafting things for you while you’re sitting on the beach.


That’s obviously not what’s intended, but it might be workable. Mainly this is going to be something for a bit of side income.

If you love to make stuff and want to make money with Amazon then this could be a fun way to get paid for your creativity.

Design T-shirts with Merch By Amazon

You’re more than likely familiar with sites like Spreadshirt, Teemill and Zazzle where you can upload T-shirt designs and earn commission when they sell.

Again, did you know Amazon had a site that works the same way?

You upload your designs. Amazon list them for sale. When someone buys they print and ship and pay you a royalty. Nice.

It’s called Merch By Amazon.

Why go with Amazon?

The usual reasons of numbers and the know like trust factor. And there’s one more thing:

This is another Application Only program, and I get the impression they’re looking for something a bit special.

Your designs will be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Disney, Marvel and Cartoon Network. They probably don’t let just anyone in.

Do you have a brand? A following? Experience selling on other merch sites? This will likely give you a better chance of being accepted.

If you have some serious design chops then it’s worth a crack.

Passive / Travelling Income Potential?

Definitely. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection for this one. Once your designs are uploaded it’s all done for you.

It’s probably not going to make your fortune but, if you create some popular designs, it could be a nice, hands-free, side income.

Merch By Amazon is non-exclusive – meaning you could have your designs on other sites too. So go for maximum exposure.

If you already use SpeadShirt or Teemill then why not expand your empire and make money with Amazon too?

Multiple stream of income, especially when they involve minimal extra work, is always a good idea!

Publish Books with Kindle and CreateSpace

You want to make money with Amazon? You like writing? In case you’d not noticed, Amazon sell a lot of books.

So write a book, or seven.

Self publishing has never been easier, or cheaper. And there’s definitely good money to be made in selling books.

Despite statistics showing that the average internet user has the attention span of a dead goldfish, people still sit down and read books.

  • People skim through articles
  • And just read the bullet points
  • But they will read books

Or at least they buy books!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Kindle, for eBooks. But how about CreateSpace?

With CreateSpace (another part of Amazon) you can easily turn your book into a Print-On-Demand physical book, or even an audiobook.

All listed on Amazon and shipped for you too. You just have to write something.

What to Write About

People buy books on anything and everything.

So what are you interested in? What do you know about? What could you teach? That’s a good place to start.

And what’s selling? If lots of a particular type of book are selling, chances are that people will buy even more of the same.

Find a Formula

Have you noticed how you can buy a Dummies Guide or a Rough Guide for anything and anywhere? They’ve found formulas that work.

It’s not that you should copy them. But if you find something that sells, try producing more of the same. Lots of it.

You’ll not earn a huge amount from any one book. The trick is to have lots of books. Sell a few copies of each one month and you’ll generate a nice income.

Passive / Travelling Income Potential?

Absolutely. Again, you only need something to type on and a way of uploading. You could do this from anywhere.

You will need to do a lot of writing to create a decent level of income, but it can be done. Once it’s written and published, it’s set and forget.


Promote Promote Promote

Especially with books, the sheer volume of traffic passing through Amazon will produce some drive-by sales. The numbers work for you.

If you want to increase your sales, however, you’ll need to do some promotion.

Writing and promoting books on Amazon can work as a standalone business. And it’s likely to work better integrated with a blog, niche site or review site.

But don’t let the thought of promotion put you off. You’ll need to promote whatever you do. If you want to make money that is.

And you want to make money with Amazon, right?

So go be creative. And promote!


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