It feels great when your traffic is skyrocketing. Having so many visitors per day leaves you with a sense of accomplishment. But what value does simple traffic bring to you? The problem is converting that traffic into leads, and customers.


Why is basic traffic not good enough?


Now don’t get us wrong. If you are managing to get loads of stable organic traffic daily – that is fantastic. But if you want to maximize the value of your traffic – it’s time to find ways to convert those visitors into paying customers.


Sounds simple right?


As an outsider or first-timer, you may have high hopes to convert almost all of your traffic into high-value clients. Unfortunately, you will soon discover that it is far trickier than it sounds. Luckily, The Big Picture Academy is here to help you with tips you can integrate to improve your conversion rates and overall ROI.


Knowing The Four Pillars Of Any Successful Conversions


Oftentimes we are so focused on driving up traffic and improving conversions that we don’t stop and think.


What exactly makes someone want to invest their money?


The reasoning that a web page visitor undergoes while deciding to invest in your brand product/service goes through 4-steps each and every time.


Discovering Your Brand


Okay, so this one may be obvious. Yet it is still necessary. This is where brand awareness carries a heavy impact.


Unless the potential reader knows about your business and the services that you offer – they will never be a potential conversion.

The first step to improving your conversion rates is to get your brand-name out there far and wide. Get people talking, shake the corporate branches of the industry, and make a name for your company.


Generating Interest In Your Brand Product Or Service


This is the point where you have the traffic you need. Your brand is out there, and people are talking about you. But they are not prepared to invest in your product/service just yet.

This is often the hardest step throughout the onboarding process.


Website visitors that are at this step, need to be interested in the product/service you offer. Which is why it is up to you to create a desire for what you are offering. Blog posts, clarifying your expertise, and explaining how you solve problems for potential customers are just a few ways to go about doing this.


Creating A Feeling Of Desire In Your Website Visitors


Finally, your web page visitor has found your website. They have grown to trust your product/service due to all the great advise and material you have given them since they discovered you. They genuinely want something similar to your product.


Here is where you make them want YOUR product/service specifically.


This is where business logistics start to come into the picture. From the price of the product/service right down to the value it provides potential customers. And what solutions it can solve for them.


The Final Part – Getting Them To Commit To A Purchase


This is the part where your website becomes the crutch to your conversion. Once the visitor has purchased your product/service or even signed up for your membership, they will officially become a valued customer.


It is important to ensure that your payment gateway and help-centers work seamlessly together to ensure the customer encounters no problem during the transaction stage of the conversion.

So how exactly do you get customers to jump from pillar one to pillar four? That is where The Big Picture Academy is going to help. Below are some great tips to help you improve your conversion rates.

Let’s Get Your Conversion Rates Skyrocketing With Organic Traffic

Quality Copy Makes All The Difference


When your organic traffic is skyrocketing, oftentimes it’s because somewhere somehow you have nailed the SEO on the figurative head. Thanks to this, your page is ranking higher. Meaning everyone who searches for your keywords are clicking on one of your blogs.


Personally, there is no bigger turn off for me than a badly written piece of content. After all, the blogs that you have on your website are your attention grabbers. They are the keys to grabbing website visitors attention and leading them to subscribe to your mailing list – eventually becoming a customer.


That is why it is worth every penny to invest in quality content. The same goes when you are setting up Facebook ads. Hiring a cheap writer may save you a fortune but in the long-run, it only damages your ROI.


Narrow Your Net To Catch More Fishes


Imagine trying to catch 1,000 fish in one net. The logistics alone will leave your head spinning. But if you narrow your focus to a fishing ground that is known for quality fish – well, you will have a better ROI. Of course, everything will be far simpler to handle.


The same principle applies to your target audience. You really want to narrow down your ideal customers. This will help you focus your copy, and marketing approaches there distinguished needs. Providing value to problems that you know they are having.


Through doing this, you will incrementally improve the trust that potential converters have in your brand product/service. Leading to that second pillar.


Take The Time To Build Up Your Social Media Platforms


If you are struggling to get consumers from pillar three to pillar four, social media is your best friend.


Getting website visitors to follow you on your various social media handles including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or even Youtube is the first step to generating interest, and later desire in the product/service that you are selling.


In fact, while you are reading about the importance of social media, why don’t you take a second to see how we do ours? We post quality pictures on Instagram. Share actionable advice on Facebook, and make intriguing videos on Youtube.


Write Compelling CTA’s That Inspire Readers To Take Action


After reading an article describing exactly what needs to be done to counter a problem that your readers are having, it’s time to upsell yourself a bit. Regardless of whether it’s a social media post, an email marketing strategy, or a basic blog. A compelling call-to-action can make all the difference when it comes to converting readers into potential customers.


Not sure what we mean?


Well, The Big Picture Academy has helped countless people just like you from startup. We have been featured on some of the largest websites out there including Forbes, Huffington Post, and more.


The best part about it is when I started, I was making a lousy $5 per 500 words blog post. Not exactly what you would call living it up, right?


Want to find out exactly how I managed to do it?


We have an email list that details everything you need to do from point A to point Z. Throughout our email series, we provide actionable advice that you can implement into your business.

To sign up simply scroll down our home page, put in your email address and enjoy all the free information flowing your way. Don’t worry, we promise to not spam you and your details are stored safely, without risk of exposure.


What’s the catch? Well, it’s free! And we may occasionally recommend you check out the books on our website (also free) which were written by myself and another veteran business owner.


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