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In case you’re new on The Big Picture Academy website, location independence is probably something that appeals to you. The ability to control when, and who you work for.

Waking up to new leads asking for your services. To many, this sounds like the dream life. Certainly, more so, when it comes to high-paying consistent clients. The Big Picture Academy is here to show you actionable steps you can take to work towards that dream and make it a reality.

Regardless of your niche, there is always a way to get started. Whether you are a designer, a content-developer, or offer any other kind of services – your ideal client is out there. But before you can land them, you need to draw their attention.

“Even the greatest entrepreneur needs to create buzz before the world takes notice”

Step 1: Develop Your Mindset: Big Picture Academy Goals

Being a freelancer, and working abroad is one of the most controversial hyped up topics on the web. With countless proclaiming how easy it is to work and travel. Land $1000 clients in the first few days of starting – you probably know what I am talking about. To put it bluntly – this could not be further from the truth!

Starting up freelancing, or any service requires hustle, work ethic, determination, and liters of liters of coffee. The first client is often the hardest. As you are still trying to find a way to prove your metal in the niche/industry that applies to your services. So how on earth do you land your first client? My name is Christopher Vitalis, and I am here to help.

Before you launch your freelancing career – you need to remember that your mindset will play a large role in the success of your career. You need to consider this as a business. You have set rates – stick to them.

Why Is This So Important

At the end of the day, it’s illogical to work for less than what you feel you deserve. Consider this, you charge X for a project. A client rocks up and says they will pay 20% of X, and you take it. All of a sudden, your business progression comes to a standing stop, as the pipeline is overfilled with “less than worthy work” … now you have trapped yourself working for a low paying client when you could be directing your focus into finding, and landing less higher paying clients for more money.

Step 2: Build Your Brand Awareness

There is a lot of buzz in the freelancing market. Thanks to the digital age, making money from home is the new “in-thing”. Making it difficult to be heard over all the noise in your niche. Regardless of what niche you are in – this is always a problem.

No matter how great you are for your service, how great your sales is, nor how hard you work – client’s simply can’t decide to hire you if they don’t know about you. At the Big Picture Academy, we help individuals get heard over the industry buzz. We have some free eBooks on this that you may be interested in.

Your Website

As a freelancer – your website is probably the most valuable tool that you will invest time and money into. Not only does it instill trust with clients looking for your services. But it also builds a level of authority behind your services.

“Would you visit a dentist that is well-known in the community, or the new dark, shady, dinghy dentist that you have never heard of” – The answer speaks for itself.

There are plenty of tools that can be used to design an elegant website that portrays you and your services for next to nothing. WordPress and Wix are the two recommended platforms to use.

Here Comes The Biggest Mistake In The Freelancing Industry

Everyone thinks that a landing page should be salesy. It should be my services, my work, my reviews, my, my… But the problem is, at the end of the day – the clients really don’t care about you. They only care about what solutions you bring to the table for problems that they are facing.

When you manufacture your website content – it is important to keep this in mind. Think about what your ideal customer wants, needs, and desires. Provide actionable, useful information that solves some of the problems that they are facing.

Promote Yourself And Build Brand Awareness

Getting past those tricky web-crawlers to get your site ranked for relevant search terms in your niche can be difficult. Which is why content on your website is so important. When someone types in “looking for (your service niche)… you want to be the top-result, right? Well, content…content…. content.

Posting is not always enough

But at the same time, you need to remember that you are trying to drive potential clients to your website. So posting a blog now and then on your website is not enough. You need to actively share, and promote your work. You can use the following platforms to do so:

  • Buzzfeed.
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Answer Reddit forum questions with a backlink to website
  • Answer Quora questions with a backlink to the website.

Pounding The Pavement

Now, while you are doing all this – you may become despondent. After all, you’re putting in tons of work but you’re not seeing results. As a beginner, it is important to remember that it takes time. You need to build your report and prove your expertise.

But if you need to get into the game, and quickly – you need to do something known as pounding the pavement. While you build yourself up, contact potential clients directly. Pitch them your services, and the solutions that you provide their companies. You can use the following channels to find and pitch to clients directly:

Day In And Day Out Hustle

As the founder of the Big Picture Academy, I can’t tell you how important it is to never relent when starting a freelance career. It can become overwhelming, frustrating, and disappointing. But all good things come to those that are patient.

Keep working on all of these steps in this article. Build your brand, build your expertise. Through doing this, you will instill trust in clients that need the solutions you offer them. You will land clients, and you will finally reach that aloof location independent lifestyle!

My name is Christopher Vitalis, and I am here to teach people how they can build their freelancing dreams, start up a small business from anywhere in the world, and escape the rat race of life. If you want help, get in touch.


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