The corporate ladder sucks. You slave away at a 9-5, working your ass off to get that next promotion. But instead, you end up being berated for something that is far beyond your control. What if we told you that you could do something you love, and make money from it. All while working from your home!


Working from home is hard, but it is worth it in so many ways.


Forget about all those self-help guides, and “how to build a $x business in a month”. Their job is to trick you and get you in on their consulting plan, or some other devious scheme. At The Big Picture Academy, we genuinely care about our readers and want to help you succeed.


Don’t get it wrong – building a business will be hard.


It will leave you crying.


It will leave you stressed out, and wondering what on earth you have gotten yourself into.


But it will be worth every second, minute, an hour. As you will be happier than you have ever been in your life. After all, freedom – is that not something we all crave?

So, you want to build a business from home… where do you even start?


Build Yourself Up Before Quitting Your Office Job


Unless you are absolutely forced to, we strongly recommend keeping your office job and working longer hours after work to set up your business. We are jumping the gun a bit here. First, we need to find the perfect way to make income from home for you.


There are so many different ways to make income from home that if we rattled them off, you

would likely smash the x button and never look back.


In order to build a successful home-based business, you need to think about things that you are passionate about. Perhaps you love writing or designing. Maybe you love helping other people.

Guess what… all of these are viable income streams for your new business. Once you have determined what you are passionate about, do some digging. Find solutions you can provide to people who are searching for your specific skill set.

Now that we got the “what are you doing” out the way. Let’s start looking at important steps to developing a home-based business.


Step 1: Set Up Your Office (No Really Working Naked Is Not An Option)


The most alluring factor of working from home to many is the non-restrictive office. If you oversleep, roll out of bed, fix a cup of joe and work in your PJ’s – right?

Well, to be honest, we have all done that once or twice! But when you start, and even when you are a veteran like me – you want to dress for success.


Set up a work environment that you can focus on. Make sure you have a set-in-stone work area that feels comfortable. Most importantly of all, make sure you are ready to handle any and all challenges that get thrown your way – there will be plenty.


Set Up Your Brand Name!


Great, so you know you can provide solutions to a specific problem that your client persona faces on a daily basis.


You are ready. Pen in hand. But… how will someone choose you for the job, if they have never heard of you before?


That is why your first step should be giving potential clients something to look at when you pitch your services to them.


The best place to start is having your own website. Here you can list your expertise, give your clients a way to learn more about you, and what you do. Finally, you can also provide free solutions for potential problems that they may have through your blogging section.


Don’t worry – you don’t have to hire a fancy copywriter to set it all up. WordPress offers an easy, no code way to create stunning websites. And the words – well spend a couple of hours focused on a task, and you will be amazed at what you can do.


What About The Start-Up Costs?


For some reason, there is always the opinion that starting up your own business is far too expensive. Funding the capital to launch a successful business is beyond your salary, right?


Well… what exactly are your start-up costs?


  • For your website, you will need to worry about domain and hosting, which can cost up to $29 for a year.
  • WordPress itself may set you back anywhere between $0 – $42 per month depending on which package you choose.


Guess what! Besides your coffee addiction, that is pretty much all you need to worry about. If you do happen to need anything else, as you build yourself up you can slowly start investing in things that will help you better your business, or improve the value you provide to customers.


For example, I never stop learning. Every month, I invest a fair amount of money to see what entrepreneur pioneers in my field are doing, and why.


In life, there is always room for improvement – this is one motto that you will need to keep in mind when running your own business from home.


Finally – Develop Your Marketing Plan To Land Your First Client/Customer


Regardless of whether you are offering a service, or selling a product the biggest challenge you face is landing your first client.


It will be hard, and intimidating. You may feel like you are not experienced enough to pitch your services to companies, or influencers in your niche. The thing is, the worst they can do is say

  1. So what is stopping you?


You may be wondering, “That is all great. But how exactly do I market my services?”

We won’t go too in-depth during this article, as that is an entirely different topic with a variety of methods and approaches that you can use, which all depend on your target market.


But what we can say is social media platforms such as LinkedIn, and Facebook are goldmines.

Your blog is a well of information for potential clients, and a way to improve your lead generation.


Finally, a general word of mouth will help you get started straight off the bat.

If you offer services, you can check out freelance websites such as Upwork and


Get Some Expert Help To Grow Your Business Exponentially Over Time


I started off making $5 per 500-word article I wrote. Now, at the age of 26, I can truly say that I have freed myself from the rat race of life. All because I decided to launch my own business, and discard the security of a slave-job.

I would really love to help you start your own business from home. I have a Youtube channel, which offers some great advice to budding entrepreneurs. You can also check out my Facebook page. Or even get some inspiration from Instagram.


But if you truly want to learn how to make it – our weekly newsletters is your golden key. Subscribe today, and get limitless free advice that will prove invaluable to your business.


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