It’s ridiculously easy to start making money online. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to grow your online business, you should be building online assets to help you maximize your income.

This is something anyone can do regardless of skill or experience, it doesn’t cost much so leave your excuses at the door.

At The Big Picture Academy, we want you all to focus your businesses and ideas around the most important thing. Your freedom.

It’s no surprise many entrepreneurs choose to spend some of their time building rather than working for others.

Helping others build their assets is not going to serve you in the long run and the quicker you realize this the better. Most people start working as a freelancer and this involves working long hours for lower pay.

It’s about working smart rather than working more. Once you shift your perspective you’ll be able to work less and earn more. Check out our quick start guide and start building your empire today!

So What’s An Online Asset?

After reading this you’ll have all the tools you need to get your site out there.

Building an asset isn’t about having one great idea and putting all your energy into it. It’s not about spending a large portion of your schedule devoted to your website.

It’s about giving your ideas a space to grow.

Building websites is one of the best ways to get your personal brand out there and this is the best litmus test there is for seeing how many people are interested and helping you capture more leads.

For many people putting up a website is a big deal and is something they usually only consider when they feel confident enough to do so.

An Online Asset can be whatever you want

Just having an asset online is a bonus. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t perfect. The whole point is that you’re able to gauge response and earnings in real time and tweak as you go.

Hell, you can sell it or close it down in the future this isn’t something you are tethered to for the rest of your life. But why would you turn down an opportunity to have more money online?

Pick a topic you’re interested in, pick something you have knowledge in. Either way, once people sign up and companies start taking notice it doesn’t matter because you’ll be earning more and working less and that’s what matters.

Get started today and this exercise is sure to give you confidence. Being able to learn and have something tangible  in your portfolio that shows how badass and versatile you are when it comes to thriving in the digital world.

Getting Up and Running

To kick things off pick a domain. Don’t sweat over this. Most people become riddled with anxiety at the first hurdle and put the idea of building on the back burner.

Don’t give into fear. Just get the basic idea locked down. Check out some of our examples:

  • Your Top 50 Hotel Picks
  • An E-Book on literally anything you want
  • Video Tutorials on learning topics like how to improve your SEO on a budget.
  • A site that talks about productivity hacks for entrepreneurs
  • Buy Your Domain – It’s up to you where you buy this from. At The Big Picture Academy we are fans of Namecheap and or 1&1.
  • Hosting Setup – If you’re making money online and you don’t have a hosting account, what are you doing?!

At the very least you want to get hosting sorted ASAP for less than $50 a year this is really not to be missed. Bluehost is probably the best host for anyone just getting started. iPage is pretty good too.

  • Point Nameservers – Don’t let this throw you. All this does is tell your domain which hosting account to point your website too. After all, they’ve gotta be connected to work! All hosts have info on how to set this up and it should only take a few clicks.
  • Install WordPress – We made as well group these points together as WordPress is the shit. Once again your host will have a short WP walkthrough and before you know you’ll be good to go.
  • Install a WordPress Theme – Two minute job from within WordPress – don’t overthink this one, it’s easy to spend days trying to find the ‘perfect’ theme! First, there’s no such thing, and second, it just doesn’t matter that much at this stage.

What Theme should you install?

Pretty much every theme available now comes with a blog. But unless you have a clear vision and have content ready to go, stick to a landing page. When the time comes for a blog theme, Woo Theme covers everything you could possible need for a kick ass blog.

Having an awesome landing page that draws people in matters much more at this stage. Capturing those email addresses to help you build a powerful list is the difference between those who work online and those who have an online business.


What you should do now

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