Like the idea of earning some affiliate commission with Amazon? Good plan. Not sure where to start? No worries – here’s how.

Amazon Associates – the mane for the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program – is a great way to get making some money online.

It might never be your main income stream, but then again it could be all you need. Either way you should definitely get set up with an Amazon Affiliate Marketing account ASAP.

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing with Amazon is simply this:

You do some of Amazon’s advertising for them and they pay you a percentage of the profits from any sales you generate.

How much does Amazon Associates pay? This post goes into some detail on commission rates and earning potential.

How to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Given that affiliate marketing is just recommending a product and persuading people to click through to the seller’s website, in this case Amazon, you just need to get people clicking links!

Anywhere you can include a hyperlink will work. You can even do it in print, but we’re focusing here on online business.

Here’s the main ways of making money online with Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Create an Amazon Product Review Site

The most effective way to promote Amazon products is with product reviews. People like to read reviews before buying. They want your opinion.

A review site can be done in two ways.

  1. A site that simply reviews products. The category might be very loose, or perhaps non-existent. It might just be products that you like.
  2. A site dedicated to reviewing products in a certain niche. “Dog Training”, “Hunting Knives” or “Executive Luggage” for example.

Use Comparisons

One way is to set up a comparison table, rating different products on their features and benefits, and linking to full reviews of each.

Another popular method is the “Product A” vs “Product B” article.

Give Your Opinion

Above all, people are looking for personal opinion. They can find out all the features on Amazon itself. What they want to know is what YOU think about it.

Be Honest

Tell people what you really think. Don’t be afraid to include negatives. In fact you should always try to find at least one downside.

Remember: People are different. It might not be a downside to them.

Perhaps the product is complicated, with many features and different settings or, conversely, it might be extremely simple. Either of those could be exactly what they’re looking for.

Use Pros and Cons

  • List them as bullet points
  • People may skim the article
  • But they’ll read the bullet points

Include Your Affiliate Links

Remember your links. Yes, more than one. In fact, linking to Amazon 10 times in a product review is not unreasonable.

Make sure that any images are affiliate linked too – people love to click on pictures!

Build an Amazon Niche Site

A niche site or, if you really want to go to town on it, an Authority site, is a website that has all the information a prospective buyer needs to know before buying a product in a particular area.

You’ll want plenty of pages and posts full of useful insights and opinion on the subject, and then articles about specific products.

Focus on how to use the products and the real world problems they solve. Include your affiliate links as often as possible.

With an Authority Site consider a Resources page where you list, with affiliate links of course, all the different products someone might need.

Start a Blog

If you have a particular interest or knowledge in your chosen niche you might want to blog about it. Perhaps you already do.

Can you write interesting, educational or amusing articles on the subject? Then you should.

A blog might be part of a review site or niche site, and should certainly form part of an Authority site. It might also stand alone.

However you do it, be sure to include your Amazon affiliate links as frequently as seems reasonable. And link to your full review of the product.

Build an Email List

Start building your list! It’s the number one piece of advice you’ll hear from all online entrepreneurs and savvy marketers. The money is in the list.

You can start this for free with providers like MailChimp and MailerLite.

Send out your latest blog posts or product reviews. Don’t just keep asking people to buy stuff though – give them something of value.

The more value you give, the more respect and trust you’ll build. If people respect and trust you they’re likely to buy from you when the time is right for them.

Start a YouTube Channel

Do you prefer making videos to writing? So make videos. Review Amazon products. Set up comparisons. Give useful information. Just do it in video form.

You can make good money with just a YouTube channel reviewing products and links in the description. And you can do better.

Do Both

Make the videos and then include those videos in your blog posts and reviews. Some people prefer to read, others to watch and listen.

The best way is to include a link in the YouTube description to the full review on your website. In the video be sure to TELL, or at least ask people to click the link.

Promote Amazon Products on Social Media

You probably recommend things on social media anyway.

“Hey, I saw this movie at the weekend – it was awesome” or “Went to this new restaurant last night – you should try it”.

Promoting products isn’t so much different – but you get paid.

Just don’t over do it!

You might want to start a Facebook page or set up an Instagram account rather than using your personal feeds and bugging your friends.

But still – don’t only ask people to buy stuff

Aim for at least 70% interesting content and only around 20 – 30% asking for the sale.

That’s a pretty good rule of thumb for any form of promotion – first inform, educate and add value – lots of value, then ask for the sale.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing – Keys to Success

Numbers – because the affiliate percentages aren’t high with Amazon you need plenty of sales. And for plenty of sales you need LOTS of people reading your reviews and clicking your links.

There are products on Amazon that will pay you commission in the hundreds of dollars – and you’ll sell a lot less of those than you will of things that pay you $5 – $10.

Getting lots of people to click through to Amazon means you need plenty of…

Traffic – visitors to your website, blog, YouTube channel or however you’re promoting.

You can drive traffic with ads and social media, but ideally you want to be getting plenty of ‘free’ traffic from search engines like Google.

You want your product reviews and videos to show up on the first page of Google, and for that you need….

Links – you need to learn about backlinks, and building them. Easier with an Authority site than a straight review site, but there are ways.

Getting links will very likely be the most important thing you do.

You can write the best reviews in the world but, if nobody sees them, how many sales will you make?

Yes, that’s none.

You need to promote yourself, in the form of your websites, as much as you promote products – they go together.

Take a Udemy course or two on building links and driving traffic – or Google it, there’s no shortage of information and training out there.

Getting started as an Amazon Affiliate

Is very simple…

  • Sign up for an Amazon Affiliate Marketing account
  • Choose a niche (see this post on choosing a niche)
  • Set up a website (which is quick and easy)
  • Start writing and/or making videos

And that’s it. Seriously. You can learn more later for sure, but you now know everything you need to get started with Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Go go go!


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