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It’s not about the money; that’s a soulless mission. Passion makes work fun; it also helps overcome the trying times that are sure to come.

Years of Tough Self Love & Unfiltered Advice All In One Place

Social Dynamics

Your brightest beacon to self-actualization and mastery. It’s like a shortcut to success.

Create Your Own Business

Join the new era and future-proof yourself for years to come. Regardless of your skillset.

Live Life Your Way

Working from a beach in Bali no longer has to be one of your wet dreams. I’ll show you how.

Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Does this appeal?

Think about this:

You can spend your days in a cubicle, working for a miserable boss at a faceless corporation.

Or, with a laptop,a little knowledge and a few skills, you can have your own online business; work from anywhere in the world, from far-flung tropical beaches and exotic foreign cities to the comfort of your own home.

Check out these articles on freelancing and making money online from the TBPA blog:

Freelance Your Way To Financial Freedom

Do you want to spend the next 40 years sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours a day, earning a pittance? Or would you rather have the freedom to choose your own hours. work from anywhere in the world and make a lot more money? Does the second one sound better? Well here's...

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3 Ways To Fuck Up Freelancing And How To Avoid Them

You’ve made the leap and started freelancing. Maybe you still work your job and freelance on the side, or perhaps you exclusively make money online now. Either way, congratulations. You’ve already made it further towards freedom and living your dreams than 95% of...

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Ready to kiss your job goodbye? We’re going to give you the blueprints to go from $1,000 to $8,000 per month in under a year (of hard work and struggle). There is no easy way to claim back your freedom. You’ve got to FIGHT for it. Ready?

E-commerce Entrepreneurs

Start your online business today!

You want to make money online?

Good plan! And you can get stared today. You’re online now, right? So why wait any longer?

Making money online ain’t rocket science. And you do need to understand that you’re not going to become a millionaire overnight, or without actually doing some work. But it can be done. YOU can do it.

Read these articles on starting your own online business on the TBPA blog – and then get started:

Where’s The Real Money Online?

There are more ways to make real money online than you can shake a stylus at. And there are plenty of people supposedly telling you how to get rich. They’ll happily take your money without offering you anything of real value in return. So how do you tell the...

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How To Make Money On Amazon

Given that they take a quarter of all online sales in the U.S, questions like “How to make money online” and “How to make money on Amazon” might seem rather similar! If you’re looking to start your own online business then it’s certainly worth considering where Amazon...

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The Quick Start Guide To Building An Online Asset

It’s ridiculously easy to start making money online. Whether you’re just getting started or you're looking to grow your online business, you should be building online assets to help you maximize your income. This is something anyone can do regardless of skill or...

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Get the ultimate LIFE TRANSFORMATION toolbox that helped me quit the rat race and join the New Rich

Discover over the shoulder training and hands-on advice on how I managed to quit my job and create my dream lifestyle, one step at a time. Start your journey to freedom today!

Not Sure Where To Start?

Then it starts with you!

It always starts with you

Feeling a bit lost? You know there must be more to life than this, but you don’t know what to do about it?

The most important thing you can be working on is YOU. Get your mindset right. Get some real education. Learn some skills, and learn how to sell them. Become a winner at life.

Do this now: Read some self improvement articles on the TBPA blog – and then TAKE ACTION on them:

The Only Two Things You Need For Massive Success

There are two types of people in life: The ones who are successful and those who never quite make the grade. Which one do you want to be? You want success? Great! Well the good news is there’s just two things that make the difference between massive success and...

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Are You A Blind Sheep?

Are you a blind sheep? No? Are you sure? Do you know that when you’re watching reality TV, reading celebrity gossip, following the news and scrolling on Facebook your mind is being CONTROLLED? And do you realize that this isn’t just something that happened, that it’s...

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Winning At Life: Tough Love For My Younger Self

Dear Christopher, I’m writing this to you, my younger self because I know how much you want to succeed. And I see you wandering, wondering and wishing yourself into ever decreasing circles. I can help. Consider this as heartfelt advice and the loving kick up the ass...

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Are you starting to see it?

The Big Picture

There is a bigger picture, and a bigger life. It’s YOUR LIFE, and it’s out there, waiting for you to claim it.

The information on The Big Picture Academy will teach you how to make money, build an online business, become rich and create the kind of life that you want to live. But you have to do something about it!

Don’t leave this page and go back to scrolling Instagram or watching TV. Do something better. At the very least read some more of the TBPA blog posts. Better than that download these books and read them, and pop over and Like our Facebook page. And better still, START TAKING ACTION on some of the things you’ve learned.

It’s your life my friend.

It can be whatever you want it to.

So go start creating the life you want to live.

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