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Why You Need To See The Bigger Picture

Christopher from The Big Picture Academy

My name is Christopher and I am a 25 year old entrepreneur, consultant, multiple business owner and founder of The Big Picture Academy.

I am not special nor am I a genius (after all, if I were, I would have made it at 15 like many kids these days).

BUT- I managed to see the BIGGER picture.

The world is your classroom.  You’re not meant to sit in a cubicle for years being just another cog in the machine. Your time is your most precious asset, and when you realise that very fact you’ll start taking massive amounts of imperfect action until you get where you wish to be.

We’re food for worms ladies and gentlemen.

Let’s make this count.

But What Is It About Exactly?

Do you “know thyself”? That’s all you need to to start.

Sales are the name of the game. You can sell anything these days.

It can be your skillset, your time or even a product or service.

As soon as I dropped out of grad school and re-evaluated my priorities, I started off with services.

Then I got into consulting and e-commerce and right after that I did some business flipping (aka: acquisitions – where you buy and sell businesses on behalf of others).

Now that I have finally conquered my ideal lifestyle and feel more blissful and secure than ever before I have this need to share what I’ve learned with people who want to live life by their own set of rules. That’s why I started The Big Picture Academy.

Consulting and eCommerce

How Big Is That Picture?

If there’s ONE thing that I hate the most in this world that would be none other than working my ass off to make big money for other people. It’s not only about the lost time, it’s about decreased returns on investment. When you figure out exactly what it is that you’re putting on the table (i.e. how you unique and amazingly capable you are) then you will finally be free to go after your wildest dreams.

Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place – that is, the unique you. Have an aim in life, continuously acquire knowledge, work hard, and have perseverance to realise the great life.
~ J. A. Kalam

The Big Picture for Digital Nomads

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Here’s A Little Blast From The Past…

A man who drives a car bought for him by his father is not entitled to talk in a council of men who own bicycles.

My family was always struggling. My mom is working 9-5 for the IRS while my dad’s a high-school teacher. Trust me when I say they will be retiring soon. For better or worse, the current status quo enables every lady or gentleman on this planet to STRIVE for what they’re really worth. Damn, I find this very thought to be freeing AF.

You can acquire anything you set your mind to.

Pro Tip: The only requirement is to want it bad enough.

Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again

Digital entrepreneur in Greece

Coming from a humble background I was never accustomed to ask for shit. Instead I learned how to fight my way through situations and ultimately get what I deserve. Born and raised in Athens, Greece (probably the worst place on the face of this Earth for entrepreneurs), I was quite studious throughout my school career.

In the 10th grade, I was awarded an Excellence Certification by the Mayor of Athens. My performance lead me to get a scholarship to one of the most elite schools in the city where I was rubbing shoulders with spoiled brats whose fathers were more often than not shipping tycoons (most rich folks in Greece made their money in the shipping industry), peeps like these tend to get a Porsche for their sweet 16. Regardless though, I continued to hustle and got another scholarship at a top London institution to study Business and Management. Little did I know at the time about how worthless university degrees really are.

After long corporate internships and countless hours of working at cafes and restaurants to support my studies, my postgrad took place in Spain where I gave myself a break and dropped out. That was after paying the hefty tuition fees and after being offered a job by one of the oldest US-based companies in the same field. See… the company was advertising sky high upward employee mobility but when I asked the HR lady about salaries and usual vacation time, her answer was disappointing.

How You Can Build Your Life The Way You Want…

The overarching aim of The Big Picture Academy is to help you start taking massive amounts of imperfect action to achieve the results you need. I will give you shortcuts, knowledge and golden nuggets that I wish I had myself when I was getting started.

This might sound difficult, but trust me, this site is filled with practical knowledge. I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you, many of whom are still my mentees on their way to their first million.

You’re in an amazing spot since not many people are lucky enough to have this kind of advice when they’re starting up.

I used to be all about motivating others and look cool. Not anymore though.

I want you to see you crush it in every area of your life. That’s what The Big Picture Academy is all about.

Your Life Is Yours For The Taking.

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There's always a rainbow after the storm

Life ain’t easy and no one is going to really feel sorry for you. You have to be focused and trust yourself. Just the 2 cents of a self-made, 23 year old millionaire.

Growth is synonymous to knowledge

The more knowledge you acquire, the more your income grows exponentially. Putting in just one hour of practical money making knowledge per day is the bare minimum. Aim for the stars.

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