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From The Big Picture Academy: The ultimate LIFE TRANSFORMATION toolbox that helped me quit the rat race and join the New Rich*

*The New Rich (NR) are folks who turn their back on the deferred-life plan and create unique lifestyles in the present using the pillars of the New Rich: time and mobility. Learn more on The Big Picture Academy blog.

The Big Picture Academy helps digital nomads get started

Are you sure you know what YOUR time is really worth? Picture this. You’ve spent every single day of the past year looking forward to your time off a job you secretly hate. You can barely afford life’s small luxuries or, hell, sometimes life’s necessities. I’m sure you had beautiful dreams when you were a kid.

Your life is yours for the taking.

Christopher from The Big Picture Academy managed to create the life of his dreams, started his first business at 23 and is now free.

We’ll soon all be six feet under. Are you ready to transform your life and start seizing the day?

Who is Christopher?

Learn about location independent lifestyle at The Big Picture Academy

Top Strategy Consultant

A grad school dropout who built his first business at 23. By 24, he was living life on his own terms.

Christopher started offering strategy consulting to multiple 7 and 8-figure companies, incorporated several businesses with 5+ employees and moved from a shitty apartment to every single corner of the world. In 2017 he founded The Big Picture Academy.

Businesses Started

Make Money Online

Deals Closed

Become Location Independent

Successful [ie. $5k+ / pm] Mentees

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​By far the best website I dug up the past 6 months! Honest, focused and compassionate leader. Finally someone who can help me!

Ian Stanford

TBPA Member

Thanks a billion man! Your book and these articles helped me to quit my job working 13 hour days for half of what I earn now. What’s more important though is the freedom I’ve gained. I’m at $4672 and it’s still the 20th. I owe you bro. Big time.

Casey Balmer

TBPA Student, Entrepreneur

Christopher helped our 19 billion dollar HR firm create top notch marketing material targeted at senior business leaders in half the time compared to our previous consultants. Sales and PR galore. See you soon dear!

Elizabeth T.

Randstad, HK

The 3 Pillars of Transformation

Make your dreams come true! From having no hot water to 7* hotels in Bali, in 4 to 6 months: guaranteed.

I tend to travel light. The most important thing is to be in a good mood and enjoy life – wherever you are.

Skyrocket your personal growth one book at a time. Practical knowledge that does the trick.

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